6 Reasons to Choose a 3D Modeling Service for Pool Design

While most pool builders use some type of drafting service to help design your final product, only a few use advanced 2D and 3D modeling services to ensure everything looks great before you break ground. Some pool builders use these modeling services separately. If you choose to use these services, you can take them to any builder and have your dream recreated perfectly. But why is modeling your pool first important? Put together by pool builders in South Florida, here are some reasons that might change your opinion. 

You Can Get Everyone On the Same Page

It can be difficult to share your vision, especially when you have a very specific picture of what you want in mind. However, using a 3D modeling service can help get your ideas down for everyone to reference. Making sure that everyone is on the same page is one of the ways you can make your build or remodeling process move smoothly, without costly mistakes or revisions. By taking this step to establish exactly the look and materials you want, you can gather your team and ensure that you’ll all get results you can be proud of. 

Less Costly Than Design Mistakes

There is a cost associated with 3D modeling services, though the cost varies from service to service. However, paying this cost upfront can help save you money later on. While you can quickly adjust a digital render of your home and backyard space, it’s more difficult to change once the foundation is set and the building has begun. Getting this out of the way now ensures that you’ll get exactly what you want without costly design revisions or remodeling later on. 

Collaborative Effort

3D modeling services aren’t a solo effort. You’ll be working with your modeler every step of the way. While you work together, you can request adjustments, change design elements, and collaborate effectively to create a model that matches the oasis of your dreams. During this process, you can choose materials, scope, and more. Each meeting gives you and the 3D modeling service more insight. In this case, collaboration is extremely necessary. You’ll get the model you want, and your 3D modeling services will be happy to provide it! 

Includes Materials List

Some 3D modeling services, especially those used within pool building businesses, include a list of materials to use alongside the model. This makes it easy to take these plans to any builder and pick up where you left off. It also gives you some idea of the materials required and the associated costs, which can be invaluable while you’re saving or budgeting. This also gives your builder a list of materials to gather before they start work, which can save time and money in the long run.

Take Your Plans to Any Builder

3D modeling services are sometimes rolled in with pool construction services. However, some builders offer this service separately. One on hand, this means there is an additional cost associated with choosing a modeling service.

However, you don’t have to stick with that pool modeling company. If you want, you can take those plans to any builder and get your dream recreated. If you aren’t ready to get your pool built or remodeled just yet, getting a 3D render of your dream space can help give you some perspective and get the ball rolling.

Remote Services

Most 3D modeling services can be performed remotely. The modelers don’t have to come to your home to produce an accurate model – sometimes, pictures and dimensions are enough to get an accurate, usable render. For this reason, it’s great to use a 3D modeling service if you’re still in the planning stages for your move or renovation. Even if you aren’t living at the home you want to be modeled, 3D modeling services can get you set up with an idea of how you can make your outdoor areas shine. 


Most pool builders are more than willing to work from a plan! If a builder offers custom pool services, sometimes a plan is all they need to really get started and give you a proper quote. 3D modeling services can be expensive, but this collaborative effort ensures that you’re getting exactly what you want – no matter which builder you choose to use for the project. 

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