6 physical security precautions to protect your business

The risks of cybercrime are nowadays well publicized, and most businesses are making massive strides to protect themselves in that area. Physical risks including theft, damage and vandalism haven’t gone away though, so it remains important to take the appropriate steps. Here are a few simple ways to make your business more secure.

#1 Update locks

Most businesses are secured using locks that are well out of date or have simply worn down with time. Check door locks and padlocks on a routine basis and ensure that you’re using the most up to date models. Most insurers will explicitly ask about the locks used to safeguard the property, so updating to more modern versions will help to keep premiums down.

#2 Hire guards

All the surveillance cameras and alarms in the world aren’t substitutes for a well trained security guard. Guards provide peace of mind to staff during the day and keep your property extra secure at night. As well as looking out for intruders, they perform duties that inanimate technology simply isn’t capable of. Responding to problems like fires and foods is all part of a security guard’s job.

#3 Install spikes

One of the most effective (not to mention simple) security solutions is to make it hard for intruders to get onto your business premises in the first place. Spikes along the top of walls ensure that they’re nearly impossible to climb, and some businesses go even further. They include dyes and powders that color an intruder’s clothing, making them more easily identifiable to the police. 

#4 Stop loitering 

Loitering can be a big problem for businesses. Gangs of youth tend to congregate in open spaces, especially around warehouses or industrial complexes. While this doesn’t always lead to crime, it does create a problem with litter and a threatening atmosphere. Companies like Mosquito Loitering Solutions have the answer. Their anti loitering alarms use ultra high frequency sounds (discernible only to the young) to disperse crowds fast. These alarms are safe, easy to install and a simple solution to the loitering problem.

#5 Control access

Keycards and numerical control panels are good practice but don’t, in themselves, guarantee security. Too many businesses install these devices and then hand out keycards to all and sundry. The result is free access for everyone, which is a risk. Instead, divide your business premises into different zones of control. Only give employees access to the areas they need to be in. That way, if cards or codes are lost, the more sensitive areas of the business will remain off limits.

#6 Limit vehicles

You can limit vehicle access to your business premises by fitting ram raid barriers. These do exactly what they promise: they stop ram raid attacks on your property, which are one of the costliest crimes. Not only do they result in large scale theft, but property damage can total into the thousands. Ram raid barriers take this completely out of the equation, making your business much more secure.

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