6 HR Management Software Features Every Business Needs

It’s no secret that having an HR management software for your business can help your business a lot. But having the right features in your HR software is the main requirement. Without the right features that cater to your business requirements, that tool is just as good as a paperweight.

But how do you figure out which features to look for? We would suggest starting with what your business needs or lacks. But if you still have some doubts, we have researched six must-have features your HRMS should have.

Before you begin looking for the right HR software for your business, evaluate what condition or status your business is in right now. Decide where you want it to be, figure out your needs and requirements. Don’t fall for the wrong tools with fancy features that your business doesn’t need.

Self-service portals

In an organization, without a capable HR management software, HR managers had to work on processes that were repetitive. Employees had to visit the HR multiple times whenever they needed leaves, time-off, or had an issue with their details. But with HR software, employees get a self-service feature, which allows them to manage their own personal data, apply for leaves, check whether their leaves were approved or not, and much more. Not only this reduces the burden on the HR department, but it also offers employees ease of access to most of the HR functions.

Time Management

With HR software, the human resource department can track employee leaves efficiently. Employees will be able to track their leave balance as well. Managers can approve leaves based on employee records. Applying for sick leaves of PTO becomes much easier for employees, no need to visit HR repeatedly for requests and approvals.

Policy Management

Apart from offering heaps of features for a company, an HR management software also offers compliance with various policies as well. To set defined and customized policies there is a need for a system with flexible workflows. Platforms like HRMS Software help in setting customized and flexible workflows.

Employee Records

Managing employee records traditional was a hassle. Companies had the data stored in multiple systems. For example, employee attendance data was stored on one system and payroll data was stored in another. HR managers had totally data from both of these systems and then approve the salary for their employees.

But with modern Human resource management software, everything is automated. It only needs to be set up once and attendance will be calculated based on the tracking tool integrated with it and it will automatically process the payroll based on the data from the attendance management module.


There is no use of having tools for human resource management when you can’t integrate them together, it will just be similar to the traditional methods. Instead of having data stored on multiple systems, now you are using multiple software. Keeping track of multiple tools is also not efficient and will only create more confusion among employees.

A software that can integrate with your existing HR software already placed in your company, will help streamline the process. It will also be easier for employees to understand.

For example, attendance management software and payroll management software integrated together will result in a smooth payroll process. Performance management software integrated with attendance management will offer detailed insights for managers to understand employee performance patterns and come up with adequate solutions.

Analytics and Reports

For detailed insights related to every process within the organization, HR analytics tools offer great features. An HR tool without HR analytics is not worth investing in. From detailed reports about employee performance to attendance management, analytics tools are extremely useful for HR staff and managers.

With the help of HR analytics tools, HR professionals will be able to make decisions based on the data and reports they collect, to manage, and retain employees within the company. If you are looking for a tool that will help improve your business’ ROI, this is the one to go with.

It will help management make better decisions which will lead to creating a better work environment for the business and increase the productivity of employees. One of the best tools for small to medium-sized businesses when used effectively.


There are a lot of vendors that will offer you each of these features in their products. But you have to figure out which one caters the most to your requirements. You can either go for individual modules like attendance management, HR analytics tools, applicant tracking system, or choose a vendor that offers all of them in one suite, which is a much better deal since you don’t need to manage multiple tools from different vendors.

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