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6 Easy Ways To Improve Readability Of Your Essay

An audience would only take interest in your essay if they understand what’s going on. They would only want to read more after a few lines when they are clear on your topic and of course writing. This is what makes readability an important part of any essay. Though there is plenty of essay help online, we have come forward with simple and effective hacks that even first-timers can implement.

But before we go into details let’s take a moment to understand what readability is. Readability means how easy it is for your readers to understand what you have put in words. If a reader after reading is trying to figure out what idea or concept you were trying to explain then it means readability is low.

Now let’s take a look at each hack one by one:

Always Prefer Active voice

Don’t put forward everything in the passive voice. An active voice brings more clarity. If your sentences are in active voice readers can follow easily which won’t be the case in the passive voice.

Convert elaborative pointers into simple concepts

If you think your idea is huge and you need more than a paragraph to explain, break it. Make smaller segments of your main idea and make it memorable for your readers.

Stay put with relevancy

Keep your main topic relevant and don’t let your audience drift away in randomness. All your points should be connected and must sound logical. If they move in different directions the reader will feel completely lost. Readability is all about connecting dots for the user in the simplest manner. Most essay writing service providers emphasize the importance of relevance. They believe any writing can be powerful if it stays relevant.

Avoid acronyms, jargons, or anything uncommon

Acronyms and jargon can be industry-specific thus you should avoid them until necessary. Your reader will not be able to pick up hence the interest will be highly affected. 

The trick lies in short and simple sentences

A sentence of or more than 20 words is too much to read. Thus, you should try and make sense in 10-12 words or less. Break it down into smaller points to be precise and clear.

Make use of online tools

Grammarly and Hemmingway are two good tools to make your writing simple. They are free up to a certain extent thus if your work is intense and your grades depend on it, you can buy their premium version to make your content stand out.


Readability is one of the important factors to consider while writing your essay. If you want your reader to stay and not exit and appreciate your content, research efforts, and the idea behind then work on the readability of your essay. The more your reader understands the higher are the chances of you getting good grades. Thus, follow the simple tricks above and see a considerable difference yourself.

Basant Kumar
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