5 Tools That Are Essential for DIY iPhone Repair

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If you have taken the matters of fixing your iPhone in your own hands then you must know that it is not an easy job. Especially if it’s your first iPhone repair project. However, if you are serious about it then you must prepare to get the job done successfully.

Firstly, you need to analyse the damage and see what sort of replacement of parts you need to fix the damage. There are several independent iPhone parts suppliers that offer iPhone repairs in Dubai or in other locations.

Secondly, you need to be equipped with the right repair tools. Without them you cannot fix the damage successfully. Here to help you out a bit we have listed some essential tools that you will require for DIY iPhone repair projects.

1.    Pentalobe Screwdriver

First things first you must open your phone to see the internals of the damage. The screws at the bottom of your iPhone keeps them shut and sealed. Now, opening them up with just any screwdriver won’t work.

You need some precision tools for it. Hence, the Pentalobe Screwdriver is the most efficient one that can do the job smoothly.

2.   Nylon Spudger

The next tool that you need to include in your repair project kit is a Nylon Spudger. This one will help you to separate the battery and the screen or the home button connectors.

Keep in mind that opening up or separating these parts from one another is a tricky task and you cannot use any other tool for it. If you do so then the probability of you causing more damage to your iPhone is high.

We have seen some individuals use tweezers instead of the recommended nylon spudger and that can lead to a disaster.

3.   Tweezers

Yes! That’s right. You would require some fine tipped tweezers not for the purpose of separating battery from home button connectors but for some other purpose. You have to deal with some small pieces of components when you open up the phone.

Some of the pieces may even be glued and using your bare hands won’t provide you the leverage that you need to get them out. Hence, fine tipped tweezers will do the job. They will also come handy when you need to put those pieces back in their places.

4.   Triangle Opening Tool

Yet another opening tool that you need is a plastic made triangle opening tool. This one will be used to open up the iPhone screen. This tool works gloriously to pop open the screen,

Just stick them to the edge of your screen and pop the screen open. We recommend to watch a tutorial before using this tool.

5.   Ice Tray

Here’s a little homely item that you can use as a part of your iPhone repair tool kit. When you are working to fix your iPhone, you have disassembled many parts of your phone. So many screws that you have to open and if you don’t keep them secure then you might misplace or put it in the wrong place.

Using an ice tray to keep these screws separated in a secure way is the right way to do your repair job. So, take out the ice tray from your refrigerator and use it as a makeshift repair tool.

ConclusionThe above listed tools are some key tools that you require if you are thinking of working on a DIY iPhone repair project. Get these tools handy and purchase the iPhone repair parts wholesale USA or in other locations and start with your repair project now.


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