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5 Things To look For In A BCBA Supervisor

The requirements for a BCBA supervisor are continuously growing. This is because there are so many children as well as adults with Autism, and thus there is always a vacancy for caring professionals who can understand the Autism kids and adults better. As a BCBA or a Board-Certified Behaviour Analysts, you need to visit your client as per the schedule; apart from that, you need to talk and observe the behaviour of the Autism client and provide therapy accordingly.

It is important to find the right kind of BCBA supervisor as a person with Autism is very sensitive and socially awkward. Thus, only if you choose the right BCBA supervisor can you expect a better outcome from the supervision. Well, in this post, we are going to talk about it. So, no need to worry; continue reading to find out all the qualities you need in a good BCBA supervisor.


As the requirements for the BCBA supervisor positions have increased, more and more people are trying to get into this field to earn a living, and that is why you need to be careful just to let any fresher be a supervisor as most likely they are still fresh and need some practical experience. 

Go for a BCBA supervisor with at least 1 year of experience; it will ensure that the supervisor has enough valuable experience to share with its client.

Type of experience in different fields

I already told you that BCBA supervisors are so much in demand, and their requirements vary to different industries like clinic, home, school, or even Organizational behaviour management. Therefore, it is better that they have experience in different kinds of industries. In addition, it will make the supervisor much more reliable and expand their knowledge as they will be seasoned supervisors after observing so many Autism people in different kinds of industries.

The supervisor should be engaging. 

Make sure that when you meet the supervisor, they are open about everything you ask and are engaging. They should be willing to listen and communicate with you. Make sure that you can ask anything you want without having to worry about any extra charges.

Supervision style 

Every BCBA supervisor is different from others. Some of the supervisors prefer a more direct approach; on the other hand, some supervisors decide to be indirect and encourage creative problem-solving. So, to know about the supervisor’s style, here are the questions that you must ask:

Their preferred style of communication:

How do they deliver feedback?

What are their expectations of you?

These questions will help you understand more about the supervisor; if you feel uncomfortable asking these questions, this is not the right supervisor for you.

Cost of BCBA supervision 

As this profession is too demanding, charges are high; there is no free bcba supervision. The Standard BCBAs supervisor charges up to $200+ per hour. However, it is better to first talk to various potential supervisors to learn the range that’s available to you before making a final decision.

Not everyone has the budget to pay $ 200 per hour and thus do some research on your end before hiring a BCBA supervisor.


So, you should keep in mind some of the things while hiring a BCBA supervisor. You cannot make the mistake of hiring the wrong one as the people who have Autism are sensitive, and thus, they need the right kind of love and care to come out of their cocoon and be a better and confident version of themselves.



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