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5 Things That Can Damage Your Brand’s Online Reputation

Browsing Google, you will find plenty of results are there on how to improve the online reputation of the brand. It’s because people usually search for ways to work on their online reputation.

But tell us one thing, if you are not aware of the factors that can damage your business reputation, how can you be able to optimize those factors and set a green signal for your business online?

In this article, we will talk about the factors that if not taken care of properly can ruin your brand image to a great extent. In such a situation, even the best reputation management company can’t help you out.

Do you want to overcome such situations?

Read the article until you reach the end.

5 Significant reasons behind your damaged online reputation

  1. Defensive attitude: Do you wear a defensive attitude all the time? If so, put it down and start protecting yourself. If someone talks something wrong about you, instead of getting in an arguing mode, handle them in a friendly and convincing manner.

    Getting defensive is not the right solution in this situation. Rather it proves that you are trying to cover the truth with your words. This creates a bad impression and compels the audience to think twice before relying on you.

    Try to keep yourself from unnecessary glitches and act professionally!
  2. Ignoring customer complaints: If you are selling a product or providing any kind of service, it is your responsibility to find whether the customers are happy with their experience or not.

    Complaints are made when customers have an unsatisfied experience. They complain about the products or services, seeking help from customer support. Instead of ignoring these complaints, make your customers engage by starting a conversation with them.

    Learn about their problems and try to solve them orally. If not possible, you can at least assure them with proper guidance and customer support officer.
  3. Not responding to the online reviews: Not all the online reviews about your brand need to be positive. There might be some cases where customers are unsatisfied with their experience. It happens, not to worry.

    But the main problem arises when you simply ignore them assuming there is no meaning of responding to the negative reviews. No matter whether the reviews are in your favor or against your brand, you must follow and respond to them.

    Responding to the reviews shows that the brand is concerned about the customers, it cares about the needs, and take the feedback seriously. In order to create brand credibility and establish a good customer-business relationship, interacting with your customers on the comment section is pivotal.

    No leaving any reviews create a bad impression of your brand. The customers find themselves unsafe and mark the brand unreliable. This is where the problem starts!
  4. Creating irrelevant content: What’s the use of creating a web copy or content that does not serve the main purpose? For a marketer, the prime objective is to excite a huge volume of traffic to the website and convert them into potential customers.

    A properly written content includes high-quality, simple, authentic, unique, and most importantly keyword-specific. To build customer engagement and to ensure that every visitor turns into a potential customer, relevant content with these qualities are very important.

    If the content is not properly featured with brand-specific keywords, there is no meaning of expecting great results from it. It doesn’t matter whether it is website content, blog content, video content, or any other creative piece of text, to build an engaging storefront the content needs to be effective.
  5. Ignoring negative PR: Often marketers ignore the negative coverage about the brand. They feel there is no sense in investing time in repairing the negative PR published in the industry. Do you have the same thought? Well, then you are definitely in great trouble.

    Just like a negative review can build a bad brand image and carry a bad impression, a negative PR also affect the brand’s reputation badly. If a potential customer or the targeted audience come across the negative content, they will take hardly a second to take a reverse gear.
    What you can do is use the reputation management tools like Google Alerts that can notify the users whenever there is any content added on the web. This will help you to keep track of your blogs, PRs, articles, and other publications relevant to your brand over the web.  

Take Away

Most of the marketers feel that the customers are responsible for ruining the brand image or the brand reputation online. But dear, it is important to note that the brand itself is responsible for gaining the customers’ trust and building strong brand credibility among the audience.

However, the factors mentioned above, if handled delicately, leave no reason for distress. These are the primary things that you must fix when you are out for your internet reputation repair

The better you maintain them, the better will be your online reputation. And this will directly influence the customers, encouraging them to make their relevant purchase from your brand.

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