5 Most Common Types of Air Conditioning Repairs

You should familiarize yourself with common AC repairs, as doing so can prevent unexpected breakdowns and help you maintain a schedule of seasonal maintenance and upkeep. 

Knowing what parts deteriorate first and checking on your AC from time to time will keep you on top of your cooling system’s capacity to cool your home.

You should also consider the costs of each repair as well. If you don’t have your AC regularly checked, your repair costs can escalate. Therefore, scheduling regular maintenance is less costly than waiting for a part to fail or your system to break down.

What you pay for seasonal inspections pales by comparison to what you can pay if a system goes wrong or a part stops working. That’s why you must know what to expect if you need a specific air conditioning repair.

A Quick Overview of What Can Go Wrong – The 5 Most Common AC Repairs

Let’s look at the most common air conditioning repairs and why.

1. A Faulty Capacitor

If your capacitor does not work, neither will your AC. A capacitor supports the electric motor that operates your AC. The capacitor’s role is to fuel the engine when switching on the air.  If the capacitor is not replaced at timely intervals, it wears out and will “blow.” You can pay as much as $300 or more if you don’t replace your capacitor regularly.

2. A Low Refrigerant Level

It’s difficult for an air conditioner to cool a home if it does not hold enough refrigerant. Usually, Freon (R22) or Puron (410A) are the refrigerants used. The refrigerant transfers heat in the system for cooling. If the refrigerant is low, it may be due to a leak. 

The AC may run longer than needed, and you may have trouble getting the unit to cool the air to the desired temperature.

3. A Condensate Drain Line that Is Clogged

When your AC system cools your house, it also dehumidifies the air. This means the moisture has to be captured and drained outside your home. If the drain line is not checked, algae or similar content may clog the pipe.

If this happens, a backup can occur that causes the excess moisture to accumulate in a second drain pain. The secondary pan features a safety switch that stops the AC from working when it fills with condensation. 

This also causes the thermostat to stop working. Either that or the condensing unit will switch off while the thermostat and blower run. 

4. A Bad Blower Motor

The blower mower for your AC directs air inside your home’s ductwork. While a blower motor is usually dependable, it can still break down if not regularly checked. Blower maintenance typically involves lubricating the bearings and removing any debris or dirt. 

If you happen to smell a burning odor coming from the ductwork or if the blower produces a grinding or banging sound, switch off your AC as these developments can lead to further damage or even a fire. 

5. A Bad Compressor or Condenser Fan Motor

You will find the compressor or condenser fan motor on the exterior of an AC condensing unit. These motors fail when the wiring inside the part comes into contact with the ground and trips the breaker. 

They may also fail when a winding breaks, which prevents the flow of electricity to the motor.  

Also, bad valves or bearings will cause the compressor or condenser fan motor. 

One Final Word of Advice

Don’t wait until you need to have your AC repaired to call out a technician. Have your heating and cooling system checked regularly to avoid costly breakdowns and repairs.

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