5 Great Team-Building Activities for the Workplace


With more people working from home, maintaining a team environment at work is critical for preserving company unity. 

Building a sense of togetherness that transcends the office takes strategy to implement successfully. 

Activities that require full participation will allow every worker to create strong work relationships with one another, because the right activities will foster cooperation and teamwork from the get-go. 

Here are five ideas with team-building potential to help you initiate team building activities for work that will keep colleagues engaged. 

1. Play Workplace Trivia 

Office trivia is a fun way to get a peek at everyone’s knowledge of the workplace. 

You’ll need to develop around twenty questions related to your workplace to give the game time to unfold. 

Make sure that your trivia questions are specific to your workplace, so the game feels personal to everyone participating. 

Some examples of common trivia questions to include are:

  • When is the boss’s birthday?
  • What color(s) are the breakroom walls? 
  • How many chairs exist in the office?

2. Play Company Catchphrase 

Catchphrase is similar to charades in that players can only use gestures and subtle cues to describe their chosen catchphrase. There can be no communication via words. 

To start, workers break off into teams of two. Then, each team takes turns describing their catchphrase using gestures and verbal cues. 

Whoever guesses first goes next. If no one guesses the catchphrase before time runs out, the team describing their catchphrase earns a point. 

Teams can converse independently to determine answers, but each team can only contribute one guess. Whichever team gets seven points first wins. 

As far as team building activities for work goes, Catchphrase is one of the simplest games to play. 

3. Murals: Team Building Activities For Work 

Using a piece of paper, each team member can paint a picture that will serve as one component of a much larger company mural. The pieces can be framed together as a symbolic representation of company unity. 

4. Paper Airplane Competition

Other team building activities for work include friendly competitions. One such activity is a paper airplane competition. To start, have everyone take a piece of paper and break off into teams of even numbers. 

Each team will then develop their own paper airplane design that they feel will travel the farthest distance. After building, they can create a start and finish line using office tape to gauge which plane goes the farthest! 

A little healthy competition should always be part of team building activities for work! 

5. Community Service Activities

To create unity, have team members work together for charity. Organize a plan to volunteer and achieve a common goal for a good cause. 

Some ideas for team building activities for work include beach cleanings, toy donations, soup kitchen service, etc. With everyone working together, teamwork will strengthen.  

Let Creativity Lead The Way 

If the activities chosen for team building purposes are engaging, interesting, and fun, you really can’t go wrong. Let creativity lead the way in building team unity!


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