5 Cool Things You Didn’t Know Google Chrome Can Do

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Google Chrome is the undisputed leader of web browsers as it is the primary browser of over 2.65 billion Internet users. Chrome deserves all the hype and traction because users love the browser for its seamless integration to Google’s services, minimal UI, and many amazing features. 

While you may have been using Chrome for a long time, you might not be fully aware of its hidden features, tricks, and settings. Here are some of the cool things you ought to know about your favorite browser. 

1. Stop notifications 

The notifications feature of Chrome is great, but sometimes, it can get annoying. Also, if you’ve allowed too many websites to send you notifications, it’ll keep coming even when you have closed Chrome. Fortunately, you can block notifications. 

On your Windows computer, go to Chrome Settings > click Privacy and Security > click Site Settings > click on the Notifications section and choose to ‘not allow any site to show notifications.’ If you wish to stop notifications from a particular website, click on the three-dot menu found next to the website link and do the same. 

If you are using Google Chrome from your Mac, the guide on https://setapp.com/ tells you the steps to block Chrome notifications. 

2. Automatically open specific tabs as soon as you launch Chrome 

On launching Chrome, you will see a clean homepage with a Google search bar and a collection of the recently or most visited pages. If you want, you can change this behavior and choose to launch a single or multiple tabs. For instance, you can set your Chrome to launch a couple of websites you frequently use, like WordPress or LinkedIn. 

To set it up, click on the three-dot menu at the top-right of the browser > go to Settings > click on the On Startup option and choose the Open a specific page or set of pages option. 

One of the easiest ways to add all the pages you want open when Chrome is opened is to keep the tabs open and click on the Use Current Pages option. All the open pages will be selected automatically. 

You can also choose to add the pages one by one by clicking on the ‘Add a new page’ option and enter the website link in the pop-up window. After that, whenever you open Chrome, your selected websites will be launched. 

3. Create Chrome apps 

Today, a lot of websites are actually web apps. If you wish to keep them separate from your normal browsing sessions and create a shortcut, you can convert them into Chrome apps. This Chrome trick can be used on both desktops and smartphones. 

To create Google Chrome apps on desktops, launch the website > go to the three-dot menu > click More Tools > choose Create Shortcut. Then, change the name if you wish and select the Create button. The shortcut will behave like a desktop application on the system, and you can add it to your Taskbar (Windows) or Dock (macOS). 

On your smartphone, create Chrome apps by opening Chrome and opening the website > tap on the three-dot menu > select Add to Home Screen option > change the shortcut name on the pop-up window and tap the Add button. It’ll be added to your home screen. 

4. Cast your screen 

Google Chrome has an in-built casting feature, and this enables users to cast their browser or their entire desktop to Chromecast or devices that support Chromecast. Initiate casting by clicking on the three-dot menu > choose Cast > select the source and the cast device. 

For Chromecast to work, ensure that both your Chromecast-supported devices and laptop are on the same network. 

5. Move multiple tabs 

Often, people find themselves confused with the number of tabs they have open in Chrome. Luckily, you can reduce the clutter and ensure that you find the tab you need quickly. For that, you can move some of the tabs to a new window. But if you are dragging each tab one by one to a new window, you are wasting a lot of time. 

If you need to move tabs to a new window, Chrome allows you to move multiple tabs simultaneously. Multiple tabs can be moved via the Control or Shift key. You need to press and hold the Control or Shift key and select the tabs you wish to move to a new window. Then, drag the tabs, and you are good to go. 

So, ready to try out these new Chrome tricks? Some of them are fairly unknown to Chrome users, and knowing them can make your browsing experience so much better. 


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