5 Amazing Bathroom Decoration Hacks

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Bathrooms need not be a boring and lackluster grooming space. You can turn your bathroom into a design statement without emptying your savings. Here are five amazing hacks to spice up your bathroom.

1. Choose refreshing colours

Refreshing colours, including pale green, cool blues, and zen, are perfect for bathrooms. Beyond the refreshing look, they dispense an aura of calmness and peace. Starting a new day from a soul-refreshing bathroom after a peaceful night’s rest will mentally prepare you for the task ahead. Neutral colours such as white, grey, silver or black are also good options, especially when space maximisation is desired. It would help if you used semi-gloss, egg-shell or satin paints suitable for humid environments.

2. Consider wall treatments

Add a touch of class and elegance to your bathroom wall by introducing wall treatments. While they may be pretty expensive, faux shiplap, glass, or stone tile are great options. You can also opt for high definition wallpapers as a cheaper alternative to expensive wallpapers. Consider wall treatments with humidity resistant materials to improve durability.

3. Add bathroom shelves and storage unit.

Maximise space with a stylish storage unit, including a bathroom cabinet to hang towels, laundry baskets for dirty clothes and a suspended shelf for flower vase, soaps, toiletries and perfumes. Storage units prevent clumsiness and make bathroom cleaning easy. For small bathrooms, floating shelves can help conserve space.

4. Bathroom mirrors

Mirrors serve a bathroom decorating purpose. They reflect light and can make your bathroom appear larger than it is. A bathroom is incomplete without selfies enhancing mirrors.

5. Optimise natural lightening

Give your bathroom a touch of beauty by optimising the natural daylight from the window. Ensure that the window area is cleared and windows are kept clean for the best natural lighting effect.

ConclusionEven if you are running on a budget, your bathrooms can be beautiful. Click here for affordable bathroom decorating accessories and tips.


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