5 Advantages of a Mobile CMMS

“Chaos”, is one word that every industrial maintenance technician would use to describe everyday operations in his job.

Even the most advanced and streamlined facilities can’t be totally immune to unexpected breakdowns or machine failures out of nowhere, leaving technicians in a frenzy to come up with an immediate repair to keep the operations running.

Recently, mobile maintenance solutions have come up as a great solution to help industrial maintenance technicians get control of this chaos. With a mobile CMMS, app technicians are able to monitor and manage all the equipment in the facility and know in advance any potential performance degradation that may lead to equipment failure or breakdown.

Maintenance has always been mobile

Today, most of the maintenance management solutions come with a mobile CMMS app, however, this wasn’t the case always.

Before the rise of cloud technology and subsequent development of cloud-based CMMS systems, businesses and industries would have to invest in maintenance software, as well as, hardware to keep machines at optimum working conditions. It wasn’t just time-consuming for businesses, but also for maintenance technicians and managers who would have to insert all the work log on the central computer. And you can very well imagine the delays caused between the work completed in the facility and having being recorded in the CMMS since you were dealing with the hardware.

The advent of mobile maintenance solutions changed all that for good. Today, it’s possible for maintenance technicians to monitor and update every repair work being undertaken right from the field using the Mobile CMMS app. And while this may sound appealing, this is just the beginning, as the mobile CMMS apps available in the industry today comes with various other powerful features and tools that basically automate and streamline the entire maintenance management solution.

Below we have come up with some of the best advantages of Mobile CMMS apps, just to help you in making the right choice for your business;

Advantages of a mobile CMMS

1. Generate reliable data

Without a robust mobile CMMS app, maintenance technicians and workers would have to keep taking notes or rely on their memories to remember all the work completed on a particular day and machine. This creates a massive lag in the details and accuracy of data that was being reported to the CMMS at the central computer. With the mobile CMMS app, it’s now easier than ever to submit any and all the work completed directly from the machine, greatly improving the quality of data for machines.

2. Asset information

To keep the business/industrial operations at peak performance, you need to know each and every detail about the machines and equipment; including the maintenance history. This was basically a hectic before the mobile CMMS app and the information frequently get missed. With the mobile CMMS app, you got to keep the complete maintenance record for each machine & equipment at the facility to be sure about the performance of the machine and identify any potential problem before it brings the operations down.

3. Intuitive work scheduling

Many powerful mobile CMMS apps come with features that make maintenance scheduling an easy task. With the detailed and up to date information about individual machines, it becomes easier for maintenance technicians to schedule a maintenance calendar for machines using the mobile CMMS app.

4. Easy work tracking

With real-time reporting features, it becomes easier for the management to track the working of maintenance technicians, as well as, get the complete picture of the team working out in the facility. It also helps management to prioritize the work and disseminate maintenance plans through the app.

5. Inventory and spare parts tracking

Inventory management has remained a challenge in the industrial maintenance management sector. Management needs detailed information about the inventory to order more parts timely and avoid any downtime in operations. Mobile CMMS app brings automated inventory management and works order management features that make it easier for the maintenance technicians as well as, management to manage the inventory and make timely procurement to maximize productivity.

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