5 Acknowledged Tips to Improve Your Bulk SMS Marketing Conversion Rate

In the mobile-dominating business world, engaging with your potential customers has never been an easier task. The growing popularity of smartphones makes bulk SMS marketing one of the most important channels for promoting your businesses. A compelling SMS enables you for direct communication with your customer. 

Success rates of bulk SMS marketing campaign

Statistics and surveys show people respond most to the messages sent by phone. However, a maximum of 20-35% is likely to open their mail regularly, while the SMS has 98% open-rate. 

Important findings from the surveys are:

  • More than 6 billion people around the world use mobile phones
  • 92% of people can read SMS within 3 seconds.
  • More than 50% of SMS recipients make direct purchases
  • 45% of recipients click on an SMS link to know more about the company, offers, and products.
  • 33% of recipients shows interest to the offers

That’s eye-opening research that shows the importance of channelizing a qualified email database UK as well as an SMS database. These valuable survey report also revealed that only 42% of marketers use SMS marketing campaign! This means there are many customers you can still reach using the expertise of SMS marketing specialists. 

These SMS marketing experts help businesses use mobile-marketing effectively, whether it is to build a potential customer database, to generate UK email leads/SMS with an effective campaign, to convert them with lucrative offers, or to retain existing customers through customer service support and timely feedback service. 

Take a look below at our acknowledged tips to increase the performance of your bulk email marketing as well as SMS promotion campaigns.

  1. Incorporate a clear ‘call to action’ button

While drafting a layout of SMS, make sure the reasons to use bulk SMS marketing campaign is pretty clear to recipients. You want the recipient to immediately react on your SMS, so tell them clearly what they need to do to benefit from the information they have been sent via SMS. In short, at the end of the message, you can create a link, for instance ‘Click here’, “Call us”, “Buy now”, “Reply-to-win” and so on.

That’s exactly what you expect from them: to be engaged, to value the texts you send, to read them, to interact with them, and ultimately act on them.

  1. Mind the length of your message

The content of the bulk SMS should be crisp and straightforward. Write your message in such a professional yet user-engaging manner that your targeted customers will get the required information in a short read.

  • Choose your words carefully
  • Get to your point straight, but in a creative way
  • Benefit or reward customer will get should be clear
  1. Create a sense of ‘urgent’ action

To get the immediate business, set an expiry date to your offers, discount or vouchers. A limited-time period creates a sense of urgency for your targeted customers and ultimately, results in higher SMS conversion.

  1. Optimize and track your bulk SMS campaign

Make sure to measure how effectively your SMS marketing campaign brings results so you can improve it for the next time accordingly. You need to determine:

  • Overall responses you get from the campaign
  • What was your ROI?
  • Loopholes in your campaign

This will help you know what is your business strength and where it lacks the most to get improved further.

  1. Set the right frequency

Did you send your SMS regularly, weekly, or monthly? If you send messages to frequently, chances are customers get annoyed. However, if you take a long gap between messages, the customer may lose interest. So, you need to set a balanced frequency to be fine-tuned based on your audience and the purpose of your messages.

Bulk SMS marketing service of marketers proves as a boon for businesses that helps in retaining customers and maximizing conversion rates. Thus, make sure to follow the above-mentioned tips for creating a successful and well-acknowledged bulk SMS business marketing campaign.

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