4 Best FREE Cell Phone (Mobile) Tracker Apps in 2021

Smartphones have become a relatively private thing that several people possess own in the present times. The more people have started using mobile phones, the more detached they have become from the world. Rest assured that the cost of using mobile phones has become immensely intolerable mobile tracker app

However, what would you do if you lose your mobile phone? Do not fret, as a mobile tracker app would come in handy. 

Which is the best app for mobile tracker? 

It would not be wrong to suggest that you could lose your gadget in a matter of minutes. Before you know it, somebody could steal it or you could misplace it anywhere. Regardless of how you lose your mobile phone, the below-mentioned free applications would enable you to track the location of your mobile device lawfully and secretly. 

  1. uMobix 

If you were looking forward to keeping your children safe from numerous threats from the online realm, consider installing uMobix.com on your device. It is a powerful mobile tracking app specifically designed for the safety of your children. The app offers you an easy way to stay calm and informed at all times. Essential features of the app are – 

  • takes not more than five minutes to set up 
  • offers you real-time updates 
  • offers the best price for a reasonable price 

You do not have to be tech-savvy to install the uMobix app on your device and start using the services. 

  1. SpyBubblePro 

The app is powerful, simple, mobile spy, and computer monitoring cloud-based software. The mobile tracker app is compatible with Android, Windows, and Mac operating systems. Installation of the application has been made relatively easy on your device you intend to monitor. The app works in stealth mode after installation on the targeted phone. It implies that the app would not be located on the targeted or monitored device. 

The app records phone calls, captures keystrokes, reads emails & texts, takes screenshots, reads WhatsApp & Facebook messages, and activates the camera remotely to click photos. It would send the recorded data to a secure account online. 

  1. SpyStealth 

The app has been the best mobile phone tracker assisting you in tracking the Smartphone of your children and employee. SpyStealth would offer various kinds of features that you expect from the best spying software. The app would cater to various instant messaging apps, unlike the other leading mobile tracking apps available in the market. 

The mobile tracker app entails features such as tracing message content, MMS information, and contact details of the sender and receiver along with the name. It would also trace call logs such as caller details and track the duration of calls made. The app would monitor all social networking sites and messenger applications. 

  1. Spyic 

This parental control remote monitoring application is a boon for you. It would enable you to keep your children safe and under your scrutiny at all times. As you may not be able to keep an eye on them, the mobile tracker app would do the job for you. It enables you to track locations, calls, messages, and make the most of social media monitoring features. 

The powerful remote monitoring features of the app has been inclusive of the following – 

  • Going through the contact list 
  • Reading individual and group WhatsApp messages 
  • Checking incoming and outgoing calls 
  • Reviewing browsing history 
  • Be 100% discreet 
  • Creates a virtual geographic limit 

The app could be installed in three easy steps and begin remote monitoring of the targeted phone. 

Is mobile tracker app safe? 

Rest assured that using a mobile tracker app is reasonably safe. It is legal to make the most of mobile tracking applications for the safety of your loved ones. It is a parental solution for monitoring young or minor children. It is a tracking solution used for monitoring the devices of your company. However, you could avoid any legal issues by informing the staff and seeking their permission for using the app on the mobile phones owned by the company. 

It could be against the law to install a mobile tracking application on the device without receiving prior permission from the user. It would be important to inform the users about the device kept under surveillance. 

If you contemplate opting for a mobile tracking app, rest assured it would be a safety feature for your children. However, most people would wonder about the need for installing a mobile tracker. Rest assured that a wide range of benefits has been associated with the mobile tracker apps listed below. 

  • Helps you know the precise location of the targeted device 
  • Keeps track of your device in case of theft or lost mobile 

It would not be wrong to suggest that apart from the people or concerned parents, security organizations and the police make the most of phone tracker app or technology for locating the targeted device. 

Is there a free tracking app? 

You would come across numerous free tracking applications made available online. However, with numerous options at your disposal, you would have several options to choose from. Therefore, it would be in your best interest to look for the best available option suitable for monitoring the safety of your children. Several free tracking apps are available online. You need to compare these applications before choosing and installing the one suitable for your needs. Without installing the best app for your mobile phone monitoring needs, you may not be able to protect your children from unfriendly people at all times, especially when you are not with your children. 

How can I track mobile activity? 

The security and safety of your child are priceless. As a parent, you may constantly live under the pressure to protect your children and ensure that a child is not using mobile phones for immoral or illegal activity. Therefore, consider different ways to monitor the phone activity of your child. You should also keep a tab on the social media activities of your children. Consider keeping a check on the physical movements, messages, call logs, etc, of your child. 

To protect your children from the dangers prevalent in society, you should monitor the mobile phone activity of your child regularly. Install a spy app or a mobile tracking application on the mobile phone of your child. It would ensure that you get regular feeds about the location and mobile activity of your child. 

How can I install free mobile tracker? Step 1, 2, 3 

Installation of a free mobile tracker app is relatively easy and convenient. 

Step 1 – The foremost step would be to look for a suitable free mobile tracker app 

Step 2 – Follow the instructions carefully for installation of the app on to the targeted phone 

Step 3 – Use the remote monitoring feature of the app to keep a check on the movement of your children and their social media activities. 


The days have passed when people tend to lose their mobile phones and could not do anything about getting them back. With the assistance of mobile tracker applications, you would locate the mobile phone easily and conveniently in case it has been robbed or lost. It would be important for you to consider the best mobile tracking app for monitoring the mobile phones of your children. 

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