2 Important features of all game TVs

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We all like games in one form or another, so it is quickly becoming the best form of entertainment available.

If you want to forget everything after a full day, nothing is better than getting yourself into a tense FIFA game or escaping the jungle of The Witcher.

Therefore, when preparing the game, it is natural that you want the best experience. The hard choice is not only the console you choose, but the TV that you play will also have a huge impact on your experience.

Modern TVs have been striving for image perfection because they have competed with numerous hardware and software solutions to try to create clear images. This is at the expense of more images processing, leading to a phenomenon called “input delay”, which hurts the head.

TVs always suffer from a certain degree of input delay, which refers to the time difference between the input and the actions associated with the screen, but older technologies have such a small amount (less than 5ms), so this is not a problem. . The input lag value of today’s modern TVs can exceed 100 milliseconds-more than a tenth of a second during gaming!

We are experts in making gaming TVs truly outstanding. We test our products internally to ensure you get the perfect model that meets your needs. We recommend that you keep the following five things in mind when watching modern game TV.

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Input delay

For most hardcore gamers, this is by far the biggest factor.The TV input delay represents the time between pressing a button on the controller and the corresponding action in the displayed game. Literally, the number given is the elapsed time between your action and the score on the screen.

If your TV’s input latency is very high (we rate quality less than 50ms as quality less than 25ms, you may be at a disadvantage in competitive multiplayer games-every time you add nearly 100ms), you’ll soon react Will realize that it will be annoying. Unfortunately, information about TV input lag is not always available, and many manufacturers completely ignore this number valorant hacks.

We use the Leo Bodnar input delay test tool to find the performance of the TV and publish the results in the TV product page specifications. If you play multiplayer games, this will be the number one factor in buying a new TV. We strongly recommend anything less than 25ms. A best 4k tv for gaming will not delay input at any cost.


For the past ten years, popular home consoles have been playing content in Full HD (1080p), so this was not a factor until the announcement of PS4 Pro and (codename) Xbox Scorpio. Both of them promised to bring 4K Extreme HD TVs into our living room, so if you have been watching them, it is wise to consider buying a 4K Ultra HD TV.

Remember that outputting the 1080p signal of PS4 or Xbox One to a 4K Ultra HD TV works well, so if you don’t plan to upgrade to 4K incrementally for gaming purposes only, you can still enjoy Ultra movies.

Consider which console to choose and which other devices you plan to use, and then choose from there. The adoption of Ultra HD is increasing, but Full HD still occupies most of the available content, so if you choose this approach, you will not be behind in a few years.


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