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15 Classic English Movies That Middle School Students Must see, Highly Recommended

Watching English movies is a good way to improve English, not only to improve our listening and speaking, but also to enable us to better understand Western culture. Each of the 30 English movies recommended to you today is a classic, and each must not be missed. Improve your English level from the beginning. Watch movies, learn English, and take action! Check Online Dunya for more stuff.

  1. “High School Musical”

The film quickly became popular after being broadcast in the United States, detonating a sensational new cultural trend of global youth across entertainment platforms and international markets. It premiered in the United States in January 2006, and immediately detonated the dazzling wind, and the TV ratings were on Changhong, setting a new record. He was nominated for 6 Emmy Awards and won two awards (Best Children’s Program, Best Dance Choreography). In addition, he won three awards in the 2006 National Youth Voting.

  1. “The Legend of 1900”

This film tells the life of a legendary piano genius. In 1900, on the luxury cruise ship Virginia, an orphan was abandoned in the first class and raised by a sailor on the ship, named 1900.

1900 grew up slowly, showing the extraordinary talent for piano without a teacher, and the band on the boat played the piano. Everyone who heard him was deeply moved. Jenny, the originator of jazz, heard about the superb skills of 1900 and went on board to compete with him. Finally, he sighed and died. It is a pity that all these things happened on the sea. 1900 never wanted to set foot on the land until one day, he fell in love with a girl, and his feelings flowed on the keys.

Will he embark on the land to start a new life for love, to amaze the world with his piano voice? How will he write his extraordinary life?

  1. “Homeless to Harvard”

Poverty and negative childhood experiences did not make her worse or lose hope. In a vague way, she always knew that outside of the environment in which she grew, other people lived a very different life. And she knew that only if she could find a way out of the current environment, it was possible to go to that new world.

  1. “Good Will Hunting” (Good Will Hunting)

Blue Wave, a mathematics professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, announced a difficult math problem, but it was solved by the young cleaner Will (Matt Dimon). But Will is a troubled teenager, wandering around with his good friend Chuck (Ben Afflett) and other people to fight troubles.

When Lan Bo found the genius, he was sentenced to court and sent to the detention center for fighting the police. Lan Bo pleaded with the judge for bail to save him from prison.

  1. “The Shawshank Redemption” (The Shawshank Redemption)

The theme of this film is “Hope”, which breaks through the limitations of genre films in prison-themed movies, and captures the rare human touch and warm feeling of similar works. Today, the film has been firmly in the top ten in the ranking of major domestic and foreign movie websites and you also check Top Pakistani Dramas List.

  1. “Forrest Gump” (Forrest Gump)

A-Gump (Tom Hanks) was born in a closed town in the southern Alabama of the United States shortly after the end of World War II. He was mentally handicapped and had an IQ of only 75. However, his mother was a strong woman and she often Encourage A-Gump to “stupid people have stupid blessings” and ask him to keep improving.

Forrest Gump went to school like an ordinary child, and knew friends and beloved Jenny (Robin Wright Pan) for a lifetime. With the love of Jenny and her mother, Forrest Gump began with a “scud” given by God. Stop running.

A-Gump became a football star, a Vietnam hero, a diplomat in table tennis, and a billionaire. However, he never forgot Jenny. Several hurried gatherings and partings deepened A-Gump’s thoughts. One day, A-Gump received a letter from Jenny, and they finally had to meet again.

  1. “Life is Beautiful”

In Italy during World War II, a small person played by Roberto Benigni, Quito, came to the small town of Tuscany to pursue his ideals and love, regardless of the government under fascism Control, here he fell in love with elementary school teacher Dora. A few years later, they owned a little boy, Joshua, and Quito also opened a bookstore.

But the good times are not constant. Under the fascist government, the family is separated and they are put into concentration camps. Dad and son are locked together. Mom is locked in another place. In the brutal concentration camp, dad plays games. Let the son still retain the childhood happiness and innocence. Finally, Dad sacrificed himself and died under the gun of the Nazis, and his son returned to his mother.

The most fascinating part of “Beautiful Life” is that it views ruthless wars in a witty way. In the film, we saw the terrible war, saw the helplessness of the people, but also saw someone dealing with themselves with a humorous attitude.

  1. “The Terminal” (The Terminal)

The story happened in the late 1980s. Victor (Tom Hanks) is a Slovenian. In order to escape the war in his country, he decided to immigrate to the United States and bought a ticket to the United States with simple luggage.

When he got off the plane at Kennedy Airport in New York and was about to leave the airport, he was stopped. It turned out that his motherland had undergone a coup d’etat, and it also became a hostile country in the United States! Victor’s passport and identity documents, as well as immigration documents were all lost, he was detained at the airport. 

In an instant, Victor became an isolated person with no country and no home. He became a victim of international political change. During his detention at the airport, Victor had only two options: either to return to his country, but after the coup d’ état, he no longer recognized him as a national after completing immigration procedures; or to obtain valid documents and enter the immigrant United States , But his certificate was clearly invalid and could no longer be replaced.

Standing in this country, which was not his own, and looking at the crowd that was strange to him, Victor couldn’t help but feel confused. In desperation, he could only stay at the airport and sleep on a chair in the lobby, take a shower in the bathroom, and live by serving passengers passing by. He now has only his own free body, and a small suitcase, which is filled with changing clothes, a razor, and the identity certificate that has been paid. By chance, Victor met a beautiful stewardess Amelia (Catherine Zeta Jones). Amelia began to sympathize with Victor’s experience, help him introduce some small work and negotiations with the airport, and slowly she fell in love with this delicate and honest man.

This is how a “Sai Weng lost his horse” happened. Victor met everything in the United States at this airport, and also met his happiness.

  1. “Dead Poets Society” Dead Poets Society

In 1959, Wilton Preparatory College was respected by people at that time for its dignified style. There, the mode of education is fixed, not only monotonous but also constraining the mind. However, all this has changed in the hands of a new teacher.

John Keating ’s anti-traditional methods of education brought a touch of anger to the college: In his classroom, he encouraged students to stand on the desk and observe the surrounding world with a new perspective; Poetry; the philosophy of free divergence he advocated has caused a huge response among students.

Gradually, some people accepted him and began to face each day bravely, grasping their own lives. Unfortunately, it also happened at this time …

  1. “The Kite Runner” (The Kite Runner)

Afghan young master Amir (played by Zekeria Ebrahim) and his servant Hassan (played by Ahmad Khan Mahmidzada) have a close relationship. Hasan always stood up to protect him when Amir was bullied by others, although Hassan was even thinner than him.

At a grand kite meeting, Amir and Hasan will pass the road and will achieve the first place. Both teenagers are very happy. Hassan was also excitedly chasing towards the last “trophy”. But on the way, Hassan was intercepted by a group of bad boys and ravaged in the alley. The Amir who followed Hassan witnessed everything happening to Hassan, but he had no courage to stand up to protect Hassan and watched Hassan Raped by them.

Amir has since carried a heavy psychological burden. He could no longer face Hasan. In order to avoid the familiar eyes forever, he excused the father and son from stealing things one day and drove them out of his door.

As the war broke out, Amir and his father went to the United States. There he worked hard with his father to study and gradually built their family business from nothing. However, a call from Racine Khan from Afghanistan broke all the peace.

Amir realized that the past never passed. He has never been able to get rid of his guilt for Hassan. For the sake of atonement, for Hassan, he once again set foot on the homeland where he has violated for more than two decades. I hope I can do my best for the unfortunate friend. However, this trip made him discover a shocking lie …

  1. “Big Fish” (Big Fish)

A beautiful family fairy. When his father Edward (Albert Finney) was young, he loved to tell his young son his legendary experience. When he claimed to be a salesman in Alabama, he experienced many strange and magical things. Will (Billy Crudup as Billy Crudup) doesn’t believe it. He feels that his father is in vanity and exaggeration.

Until his father got cancer, and soon died, his son decided to go back to see his father for the last time. When his son confronted his father on the sickbed, the father began to talk about his early experiences: he had encountered a witch and a giant on the way in order to leave the small village and go to the big city. He also went to the ghost village together. Later, he met a A magical circus actor, an Asian entertainer, a big fish that can’t be caught, and how to fall in love with her mother at first sight, set a lifetime …

From his father’s weak breath, Will seemed to realize the feelings he had never experienced before. Perhaps his father’s narrative has a modified element, but in his heart, those who experienced the last moment of life are still full of passion and imagination, and father Finally closed his eyes under his son’s understanding and love.

  1. “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” (The Sorcerer’s Apprentice)

It is one of the great contributions of Disney Pictures in the summer of 2010. In addition to the starring of the “Emperor” Nicolas Cage, this film has played the role of the villain “Dr. Octopus” Alfred Mo in “Spider-Man 2” Rina will continue his villain line. The story tells of a real-life fantasy fairy tale that took place in modern New York, centered around a magician and his disobedient apprentices. The magician is preparing to train his apprentice to help him fight the evil forces.

  1. “Three Idiots” (3 Idiots)

The Indian film “Three Idiots” is a film that can make most of the directors who feel good in China feel ashamed.Although the film has no big stars and no big production, the starting point for selecting materials is actually a university that is considered to be difficult to stand out. Campus theme. The story tells the story of how three college students of different origins “boiled” an engineering degree in an Indian higher engineering and science institution.

  1. “The Sound of Music” (The Sound of Music)

Maria (Julie Andrews) is a young and lively nun who likes to sing loudly in nature, so she often forgets the rules in the monastery. The dean believed that Maria was not a strictly monastery.

After discussing with the grandma, the dean decided to arrange for Maria to be a tutor in a colonel named Trapp (Christopher Plummer). The colonel ’s wife passed away for many years, leaving seven children, and he demanded strict discipline of the children. He told Mary that the tutors in his family did not last long because of the child’s mischief. Maria was indeed mischievous, but the kind teacher did not tell their father, but took care of the child like a mother, and soon became a child with the child. The colonel gradually changed her attitude towards the children under the guidance of Maria.

There was a relationship between the colonel and Maria. After their marriage, they returned to Austria, which was occupied by the Nazis. The colonel did not want to work for the Nazis, and the family was ready to escape.

  1. “Amelie from Montmartre”

A fairy tale of a modern Cinderella, Paris under the lens is a brighter paradise than a postcard, turning the girl’s throbbing and longing into a charming picture. It belongs to one’s fantasy world. A little harmless prank, walking in the bright sunshine of Paris. The heart is clear, just like an angel. So much whimsy, so I was able to see a lonely girl trekking in the journey of watch and love in surprise.

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