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10 Timeless Tips to Speed up Your Job Search

Nowadays, searching for jobs is a tricky business. There are so many options available that they can often overwhelm you. You can end up spending your energies in the wrong places and feeling discouraged at the end of the day.

So, if your web search of high-volume recruitment is not returning satisfactory results, it is time that you explore other options and tips. Here are a couple of helpful tips that can help you in speeding up your job hunt and getting hired fast:

Make Use of the “Advanced Search” Option

The “Advanced Search” option on various job portals can save you a lot of time. Instead of scrolling aimlessly on a job site, use this option to explore all the jobs of your interest near you. You can choose various keywords, your location or a company’s name in this option to find your dream job. All big job sites like and extra have this option. So make the most of it, to find the right job easily.

Keep Your Resume Simple

Never create a complex resume. The people who first access your resume are those who are not familiar with the complexities of a position. So, they are using the job description as a template to check your eligibility. So, always go through the job description before posting your resume anywhere. Make sure that the words in the resume match the ones in the job description.

Keep Modifying Your Resume

Your resume should be as vibrant and dynamic as you. Don’t be afraid to make relevant changes while applying for various job positions. You can change the wording, add skills and modify interests according to various job descriptions. But be sure to switch off the activity broadcast when you make changes to your online profiles.

Don’t Create a Boring Resume

Creating a good resume is an art. And as a person who is on a job hunt, you should master this art. Don’t discuss your experience in too much detail. This can bore the recruiter and he/she can lose interest. Add a comprehensive section of interests in your resume so that the recruiter may see your potential and your ability to learn and experiment.

Apply for Jobs That Match Your Qualifications

Take a good amount of time to choose the kind of job that you want. Searching for jobs aimlessly will get you nowhere. After selecting a title, shape your resume according to it and then start looking for the job. In this way, you’ll have a better chance of getting noticed and called for interviews.

Avoid Relying Only on Online Applications

Although online platforms are great media to look for jobs, these are not the only ones. If you have a company of interest in mind, try to contact a person from HR or other people working there. Express your interest and try to get an interview scheduled. But avoid being too pushy as it can create a bad impression.

Keep Applying

Waiting to hear back from a company is the biggest mistake you can make. Never stop applying for other jobs even if you are 100% positive that you’ll get an offer for a certain position. That’ll save your time and energy in case you don’t get the offer. Remember that you can always say no to an offer if you have a couple of them at hand. However, sitting back and waiting for an offer is not going to get you anywhere.

Make the Most of Your LinkedIn Profile

A lot of recruiters make use of LinkedIn to hire new employees. So, you’re missing out on so many jobs if you are not on LinkedIn. But being present on LinkedIn is not enough. You need to shape your resume in a way that instantly stands out from the crowd. If you manage to pull it off, you can expect several calls for an interview within a month.

Create an Impressive Cover Letter

A cover letter is as important as your resume. It is an important means to make the recruiter realize that you are an eligible and impressive candidate. So, spend a good deal of time and energy to write a creative cover letter.  

Tell a Story During the Job Interview

One way to control your nervousness during a job interview is to tell a story. Whenever the interviewer asks you about your interests or experience, you can tell him a bit about these and then move on to describe situations in which you effectively put these to good use. This will help the interviewer in getting familiar with both your qualifications and communication skills.

With the right kind of attitude, you can make sure to get hired by the best firms. The key is to pay attention to details. For-example IT staffing is probably the most challenging process for most companies since the field is quite technical. But by proof-reading your resume and cover letter before sending them to recruiters, you can become the ideal candidate for these companies.

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