10 Short Last Names that Start with M in the United States

Having a short last name is a blessing. No one mispronounces your name, and you don’t need to explain to everyone the meaning of your name. We covered ten short last names that start with M with their meaning, origin, and ancestry.

In this list, you will find last names from different origins and ancestries. However, the list is limited to the names in the United States. Even though these names have origins out of the US, they are still quite popular due to the great migration in the 18th and 19th centuries.

10 Short Surnames Starting With M

cocofinder baby names

These names are taken from CocoFinder’s page, where they listed 1000 popular last names that start with M. Hence, you can visit the page and explore some more names to help you find the surname you are looking for.

  • Mims

‘Mims’ is a unisex name for a newborn baby. It originated from Hebrew, Israel. The name was derived from an ancient tribal name, ‘Mimmas.’

However, ‘Mims’ is used and referred to the people who desire ‘love’ and ‘Independence’. The name is quite popular, and anyone can choose this name for their newborn baby.

  • Mack

Mack is a name for a powerful male. It’s a Scottish and Irish name that means ‘son of greatest.’ It is a variant of Gaelic name ‘Mac’ whereas Latin name ‘Maximillian.’ Therefore, the last name came out as ‘the son of the greatest.

‘Mack’ is a pretty common surname that starts with M. Having a straightforward meaning would be an excellent choice if you wanna make it simple but powerful.

  • May

As it already sounds like, ‘May’ is a pure English name derived from the month’s name. However, the original name of May is Maia which was the name of a Roman fertility goddess.

It’s a name for a girl that means ‘flower,’ other than the ‘name of the month.’ As ‘flower’ is one of the most suitable and meaningful options for a girl’s name, you won’t find any reason to avoid it. The name has a pure English origin and comes with some interesting history. 

  • Muir

‘Muir’ is indeed a unique name that was first introduced in Middle English. The Scottish community gave it to a person who lives near or beside a moor. And that is why it is quite common in Scottish and as well Irish communities.

The meaning of the name is Moor and Fen. But the interesting thing about its meaning is the connection of the last name with a Scottish word that represents Sea.

  • Marx

The name ‘Marx’ has probably the most powerful meaning we’ve seen so far. It’s a boy’s name that originated from the germans. It means ‘Of Mars; the god of war’ or ‘warlike.’

If you want your kid to have a powerful and brave name, you should consider this one. It will give both you and your kid the energy he needs to find out his goal in life. Having just four letters in the name with such a powerful meaning is a good-to-go for anyone!

  • Mace

‘Mace’ is also a great name with a very beautiful meaning that is ‘gift of god.’ It is truly one of the best meanings you’ll ever find for such a short name. It is a boy’s name that originated from Middle English.

Even if you don’t have pure English roots, you should prefer this name! It has a different vibe when it comes to its meaning. ‘Mace’ is pronounced as ‘mayce.’ Also, the name is quite popular in the US, with almost 55,000 people using it as their last name.

  • Mark

‘Mark’ is a strong and popular name with great meaning. It is a variant of ‘Marx.’ It is a boy’s name derived from the Latin word ‘mart-kos.’ It means ‘consecrated to the god Mars’ and ‘the god of war’ and ‘warlike’.

The name ‘Mark’ wasn’t a very popular name until the 19th century when it kept increasing to be used as a variant of ‘Marcus.’ Since then, It is often used in the US and is considered a great name.


  • Mell


Mell is a proper name for both girls and boys. However, ‘Mell’ has many meanings, but one of them being very beautiful is ‘Friend of justice’ from ‘Melvin.’ It is an English name with Scottish origin. It is used for a person who lives near a mill or either for a miller himself.

The other meanings of ‘Mell’ are ‘dark’ or ‘black’ in ‘Melanie.’ Having a meaning like dark or black either looks mysterious, which is quite likable for many people.


  • Maya


‘Maya’ is also a beautiful name for a girl. It has multiple meanings in Hebrew, Spanish that is ‘water.’ And in Sanskrit ‘Māyā’ means ‘Magic or illusion’ from India.

It is an alternate name of the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi in Sanskrit. Also, as claimed by the Buddhist tradition, it was the name of the mother of Siddharta Gautama.There is a mountain named after Siddharta Gautama’s mother, which is Mount Maya. So as you can see, there are multiple meanings of Maya, but this name indeed looks attractive in every way.


  • Mena


Last but not least, we have ‘Mena’ on our list. A very beautiful and powerful name for a girl means in german ‘love.’ In the German origin, it is a variant name of ‘Mina.’

However, ‘Mena’ also means ‘blue sky’ in Persian, which is also a very beautiful meaning. If you like your little princess to have a short name with a straightforward meaning, you should prefer this one.


The above short names come with some unique history and meanings. If you love these names and want to find more, you can visit CocoFinder’s page and get all the information you want.

You can find the popularity index of each last name in that list to know which ones are trending now. 

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