10 Reasons to Get Hip to the Secure ShapeShift or Kydex Holster

The shapeshift orkydex holster is a type of holster that uses a plastic-like material called Kydex to create the shape and fit of the holster. It is commonly used for firearms but can also be used for knives, swords, and other edged weapons.The word ‘Kydex’ is derived from the chemical name of the element Chromium Dioxide, which makes up its composition. The material has been in use since 1991 when DuPont first invented it. It has since become one of the most common materials today for making holsters and knife sheaths.The holsters are made by either molding or cutting into a sheet of this material which can then be shaped into any desired shape or size with heat and pressure.

Why You Need a ShapeShiftor Kydex Holster?

A ShapeShiftor Kydex holster is a solid and durable material used to make holsters for guns. It is also used in other products like tactical gear, belts, and even laptops.

There are multiple grounds why you need a Kydex holster. A few of the most important are:

  • The material is tough and durable. It can withstand any damage that may come it’s away. This makes it very versatile in terms of use cases, as well as it can be used on different types of weapons like pistols, shotguns, rifles, and knives as well. 
  • The material has a matte finish, making it look sleek and professional when worn on a belt or bag. It also absorbs sweat, so you don’t have to worry about your clothes getting wet or dirty while carrying your weapon.

Top 10 Reasons to Consider a ShapeShiftor Kydex Holster for Your Concealed Carry Weapon

ShapeShift or Kydex holsters are becoming more popular in the concealed carry market. What makes them extraordinary is that they mix the durability of leather with the rigidity of polymer.

The following are some reasons to consider a Kydex holster for your concealed carry weapon:

  • They are durable and lightweight.
  • They provide superior retention and protection from accidental discharge.
  • They have a smooth draw and re-holstering experience.
  • They have a low profile, which allows for easy concealment.
  • The price point is affordable for most people who carry a handgun on them daily or occasionally on their person

How to Choose the Best ShapeShift or Kydex Holster for Your Concealed Carry Weapon

For those new to the world of concealed carry, choosing the best holster for your weapon can be a daunting task. It is hard to comprehend which one will work best for you with many options to choose from.This article will discuss choosing the best concealment pistol belts and provide some recommendations that will help you make a more informed conclusion.

Top 8 Tips and Tricks about Keeping Your Carry Pistol in a ShapeShift or Kydex Holster

To keep your pistol in a shape-shifting pocket holster, you should know the following:

  1. Keep your pistol in a holster that is designed for it.
  2. Ensure that the holster is made of leather or Kydex material and not nylon or plastic.
  3. Make sure that the holster has enough room for your pistol to fit in it comfortably and securely without any risk of losing grip on your gun while you are drawing it out of the case.
  4. Make sure that the case has an opening at one end where you can draw out your gun without having to remove it from its holster first
  5. Make sure that there is enough space for your fingers to easily reach around and take hold of the grip of your pistol when drawing it out


In the article, we discussed the different ShapeShift or Kydex holsters and their features. We have also discussed how they are used and their benefits. In conclusion, we can say that ShapeShift is an excellent option for carrying a gun because it is lightweight and allows for a quick draw. Kydex holsters are best for people who take an automatic pistol and want to keep it concealed in a holster.

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