10 Realtor Website Features To Expect From Professional Designers

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Every real estate agent today needs a stellar website to conduct business. However, getting this requires working with professional website designers with experience in realtor websites. This will ensure that you get a site that truly represents how you conduct business. Without a doubt, this will make you stand out from the competition. The ideal realtor website done by professional designers will have great features highlighted below.


Today, more than 60 percent of potential property buyers use mobile devices to search for listings. Therefore, an ideal realtor website needs to display content flawlessly on smartphones. However, this should not come at a cost of compromising the same experience of browsing on a desktop. Professional web designers understand how to shift content blocks and call-to-actions for visibility on any device. 

Clear Navigation

A professionally done realtor website follows guidelines making it clear, concise, and intentional. This requires having not more than seven items in the navigation to avoid overloading the visitors’ brains. Equally important is to have descriptive pages without being too wordy. All pages need interlinking for high priority pages to flow naturally. Apart from visitors appreciating the ease of quickly looking for whatever they want, search engines reward the site with high authority rankings. 

A website is useless without a great navigation and thus it is important to call for action by letting agent in erdington do their work. The expert website designer makes sure that what the people will need to do with the navigation of the website place an order become a member or place a query? They will think of the correct answer and work accordingly for the right results.

Well-Structured Content 

A website done by a professional realtor web sites designer has content structured to follow online and offline rules. Clear content requires descriptive headlines with informative paragraphs. Well-worded and structured content on a website makes visitors stick to the end. Equally important is to ensure the HTML structure of the content represents its visual hierarchy. 

Beautiful Listings

A listings feed is an essential element of a realtor website for enhanced lead generation. With the availability of big dogs in the market, visitors look forward to an interface with the necessary information and seamless interaction. Keeping up with visitors’ expectations makes professional web designers focus on features like filter options, clickable images, and clear more info button. The listing page needs features including:

  • Map
  • Virtual tour 
  • Images
  • Brochures
  • Print option
  • Contact agent button
  • Social share option  


The About Us page should include your bio as a realtor. This should have content representing your business focus with the right tone. The page portrays your brand to every visitor to find out who you are including what makes you different from other agents. This page needs to portray your skillset and niche specialization. The bio should have your professional portrait, easy to read, and with your contact info. You can as well have a short video about yourself. 


Potential property buyers and sellers want to know the effectiveness of the agent before working with them. Therefore, professional website designers  include a testimonials section. This is placed everywhere on the site apart from the testimonial page. For real social proof, the testimonial should include the client’s photo. Visitors easily associate faces with positivity regarding your work to increase credibility. It is even better to have video testimonials of clients. 

Saving, Sharing, and Printing

The ideal realtor website is appealing and informative for prospective clients. It should allow sharing your property listings and blogs on social media and email. This is a wonderful way to automate marketing your site. However, the site needs share-worthy content without overloading with social media links. Visitors who share your content generate website traffic and market your brand in their social circles.  

Professional designers understand the need to give visitors an option to print out listing details. Equally important is to offer a downloadable and printable brochure. All your listings have to be printer-friendly with visual styling applicable to the browser’s printer view. Professional web site designers understand how to program listing to come out nice when printed from the browser. 

Real Estate Newsletters 

It is very important to embrace email marketing for being an important tool. Sending information into the client’s inboxes is a great idea to back up a great realtor website. So, including newsletters on your site is an effective solution to sending them the much-needed industry information. The newsletters should contain information including new listings, neighborhood news, and marketing information. 

Lead Magnets

The final feature to expect when you hire professionals for a realtor website is lead magnets. These offer incentives for visitors and clients to share their email addresses. People willingly give out their emails to receive freebies on websites. Professional designers include highly converting lead magnets on realtor sites to build the email list. Doing this increases the chances of generating potential business leads. 

Wrapping Up

A website is an essential element for any real estate agent especially today with limited movement. However, this does not mean using just any site from the DIY options mushrooming online. You need a realtor website done by a professional specialized in creating sites for real estate agents. 


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