фPlayers who couldn’t get along with Josep Guardiola

Pep Guardiola is one of the best coaches of our time. The Catalan made a name for himself to the world in 2008 with Barcelona, ​​and since then he has won everything he can. It was he who helped Lionel Messi turn into a superstar, but not all players were able to find a common language with him. Many admitted that working with a Catalan can be difficult: the coach has clear requirements for his charges, and those who refuse to accept his method of work are often overboard. Like any successful person, Pep has earned himself both fans and haters. Let us recall those who consider themselves more likely to be the latter. 

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Joe Hart

For most of the decade, Joe Hart was considered one of Manchester City’s best players. The British finally got a good goalkeeper who could become a legend not only of the club, but also of the national team.

That all changed with the arrival of Guardiola, who was used to a completely different type of goalkeeper. Hart was not part of his plans, as a result of which he had to find a new team for himself.

Mario Goetze

Mario Goetze’s career is full of both triumphs and disappointments. The German made his way to the base of Borussia in 2010, and since then in his homeland he has not been called except as a “new Messi”. In 2013 he secured a transfer to Bayern Munich, where he worked with Guardiola for several years. But while Munich were winning titles, Goetze was almost invisible.

Samuel Eto’o

Samuel Eto’o was one of the first victims of Guardiola’s revolution at Barcelona. Unfortunately, the Cameroonian received hostility to the actions of the new mentor.

In the 2008/09 season, the striker was an important part of the team, but he simply could not find a common language with the young coach, who almost immediately sold Ronaldinho and Deco. One season later, Eto’o also left.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Ibrahimovic joined Guardiola’s Barcelona in 2009 and looked pretty good at first. But gradually Leo Messi began to come to the fore, pushing even Zlatan, who was put on the flank. The Swede did not like such tactical rearrangements.

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