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In the IT industry, a team lead is a programmer who takes over management functions. His main task is to coordinate his team’s work to satisfy the customer with the created product ultimately. After reading this article, you will know in detail about the features of the profession.

A team lead is an IT specialist, an experienced developer, who leads a team of programmers. He organizes, directs, and trains his subordinates to carry out the assigned tasks on time successfully. As a manager, he is responsible for the produced product, which he transfers to the customer. This specialist communicates closely with the recruiting department, customers, and senior management. And he, if necessary, participates in the development.

There are diffirent types of team lead, so responsibilities are diferrent.

Android Team Lead: responsibilities include knowledge and ability to work on the Android platform and write codes. In addition, the specialist interacts with the team, which may consist of managers, analysts, architects, and testers.

IOS Team Lead develops applications for IOS with the team.

Frontend Team Lead develops the user interface, works on the functions that the client will see and use. This is all that the user interacts with when opening a web page. 

Backend Team Lead is responsible for creating databases, processing and storing information.

The team lead is the highest position in the programmer’s career ladder in terms of professional growth. Specialists starting from the intermediate level can grow up to it.

Development levels:

Junior developer writes codes, carries out the simplest tasks.

Middle developer works with simple tasks, has strong programming skills. 

Senior Team Lead is a senior developer. He knows how not only to program but also has sufficient experience and tools to solve unfamiliar problems. He has the skill of developing a product from scratch. Can customize the application for the user and assigns tasks to less experienced employees. From this point of the career, the specialist can choose his further direction of activity. The choice is to do more technology or communication with people.

Technical leader is a management position. Responsible for the technical side of the project. He does not have managerial responsibilities, but he deals with the architecture of applications, software and improves the quality of the code. He gives technical assignments to subordinates.

Team leader / Team lead manager – leader of the entire development team, manager.

Personal qualities

An excellent specialist must have the following qualities:

  • analytical mind
  • honesty
  • decisiveness
  • confidence
  • focus
  • optimism
  • commitment
  • punctuality
  • diplomacy
  • initiative
  • responsibility
  • creativity.

Pros and cons of the profession

The profession of a team leader, like other specialties, has pros and cons.


  • high wages
  • demand
  • versatility, the combination of programmer and managerial skills.


  • huge responsibility
  • high concentration of attention
  • multitasking
  • irregular schedule
  • high load.

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