Worth Considering Advantages Of Thigh Holsters Over Belt Holsters

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max nayman H3OZUg n478 unsplash

Most of the police agencies use belt holsters instead of thigh holsters for their officers, but are they really a better option? 

Belt holsters have gained popularity with law enforcement agencies. Many agencies require officers to use only belt or hip holsters and forbid any other type of holster, such as thigh holsters. Would a thigh holster serve a better option for patrol officers as well? So here are the pros and cons that you can consider. 

Pros Of Using A Thigh Holster 


One of the major biggest benefits for a thigh holster is that, when worn appropriately the thigh holster places a sidearm at nearly the exact spot the hand naturally falls to the portion of the body. While the belt holsters require the officer to reach high up to retrieve the weapon and bring the arm up even higher to remove the gun from the concealer. This type of action is not only slower, but is somewhat challenging and at times impossible in an active fight.

Easier Access With Non-Dominant Hand

The thigh holster can be accessed with the non-dominant  hand. If an officer’s gun hand or arm becomes immobilized. It may not be able to access the firearm, especially elder officers who simply feel the trouble to reach around their torso with their non-dominant arm to retrieve their weapon.

Less Weight Around the Waist

The officers are expected to carry some extra amount of weight on their duty belt. Over time, this weight can cause pain or even injury to the wearer’s back and hips. Shifting the weight distribution to a leg will reduce the total exerted weight around the waist.

Frees Up Room for More Equipment

Having a thigh holster will free up some space for other desired equipment. Additionally, for officers with a small waist, this may be the only option for he or she to carry all their needed equipment along.

Cons Of Using A Thigh Holsters 

Possible Retention Issues

Belt holsters are closer and make it easier to retain immediately after removal from the holster. While the thigh holsters, on the other hand, place your weapon further and in a much more convenient position for the bad-guy to grab the weapon away from you..

Gets in the Way

Thigh Holsters are somewhat cumbersome in many circumstances. They can be highly uncomfortable while driving around in the patrol unit, they can get hung on fences while chasing someone. They may interfere in running and can also interfere when fighting.

Advantages Of A Thigh Holster 

1 Sitting down with a leg holster is more comfortable, especially with a long pistol. But with a belt holster, you could end up with the muzzle being pushed upwards as it comes into contact with your seating position.

2 It’s more convenient to draw the gun that way. With a belt holster, your hand is supposed to move upwards from the normal position. Then you grab the gun, move upwards more until the gun leaves the holster. With a thigh holster you can grab the gun from the resting position of your hand. You don’t need to extend your arm as much and can get the gun outside quickly.

3 Thigh holster is more handy to take out the gun from the thigh while in a belt holster it considerably demands more time.  


Apart from the advantages, police tend to suffer from a lot of back issues because of their hectic schedule. So it is advised to use that kind of holster that is comfortable for you. A thigh holster offers a great comfort level as it even distributes the weight evenly along the waist and leg thus providing rapid back relief. 

Apart from some excellent pros of thigh holsters, you must know that, before buying one for yourself you should take a test drive and then pick the one that works best for you or your department. To access guns, thigh holsters, and other tactical equipment, and to purchase AR-15 magazine as well as other gun accessories visit Palmetto State Armory’s online store.


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