Why You Should Buy Bulk Jackets For Donation


When you want to make a significant difference and help those who need you, consider buying jackets in bulk. Many people suffer like homeless people and children, and jackets would change their lives and help them survive when they need them the most. One problem that many people find difficult is to pay for so many jackets at one time. You want to help people as much as possible, but if you buy the coats from a regular store, it’s going to cost you far more than you think. So what do we do? Do we not get to help people? Of course not! Now it’s easier than ever to help people without breaking your bank. 

The Homeless Need To Stay Warm

Even if you live in the hottest areas around the nation, you will find cold weather. Winter is coming quickly, and the homeless are freezing, getting sick, and in extreme cases getting frostbite and hypothermia, which can be fatal. What they could use desperately are coats. It will keep them warm, cushion them from the cold ground or whatever they are sitting next to, and ensure that they have a little bit of comfort. In just this last year, there has been a rise of homeless people, and it is now believed that over half a million people in our nation are homeless, with that number rising every day. Unfortunately, the sad truth is that these numbers are not just men and women. Homeless families and children are on the rise, and they need help too, even more so than adults because the children can freeze much more quickly than adults can. 

Foster Children Have Nothing And Bulk Jackets Would Help

When foster children are being moved from one home to another home, it can be in the middle of the night, and this happens far more than people think, and it’s a sad commentary for the way things happen. As a result, these children are caused to wear jackets. They can stay warm and have something that belongs to them for quite possibly the first time in their lives. Another thing that can be beneficial to them with these jackets is that children tend to use them as a security blanket to make themselves feel better when moving. You will notice that when they are bundled in their jackets and moving from place to place that they will tug the hoods and arms to make them pull tighter so that they will feel better. A coat may be insignificant to you, but remember, it’s all they have for others. 

Veterans And Assisted Living Programs

One mistake people make with veterans is that it is easy for them to find jobs and homes, but they can’t. Many of them have help finding clothing and one of the things they need, especially in winter, is coats. You will find that many centers that help vets plead for these. Assisted living programs and nursing homes need these items as well, as these programs are generally underfunded. As a result, winter is one of the times that they need more help with things like blankets and jackets to keep people warm. 

Schools And Charities Are Desperate, And Bulk Jackets Will Make All The Difference 

You will find that when the school year starts, churches and charities will begin asking for clothes and jackets, and they will ask for as many as you can give. That means that you have the chance to buy bulk jackets. When you can buy as many as possible, you will see that you can help an entire school quickly. You will find that many families have fallen below the poverty line, and many middle-class families have fallen to the lower class or below. They can no longer afford the jackets they need for their children as they have so many school supplies to get. Your donation may be what saves their children from feeling the frigidness of winter. 

The Price For Bulk Jackets Isn’t Astronomical

If you buy a jacket in the store, you could spend up to thirty to a hundred dollars just on one. Now, if you want to buy in bulk, those prices would be far too high for you to have much impact because you’d only be able to help a few people at a time. This way is more innovative and helpful because you can get hundreds at a time. When you order bulk jackets, you can find them at costs like ten or fifteen dollars. That is still a significant amount of money to spend because you will be buying large quantities, but this way you can help two to three times the amount of people you could before. That suits people much better in the long run because it saves time and money.

Buying Bulk Jackets Could Save Someone’s Life

While that sounds extreme, you may not realize just how much a jacket could help when it comes down to saving the life of a homeless person on the streets. The cold pierces through the skin, and when you live in an area with temperatures that fall into the negative, it becomes vital that you cover up and get some warmth. When you want to help people and truly make a difference, buying bulk jackets is the best way to do this. Give someone a blessing they need and allow them a measure of comfort in their life. It can give them the strength to keep pushing forward. 

To help people beyond homelessness, you should consider nursing homes, veterans, and schools. These areas need them so much, and it can make a difference for families that need help for their children or a veteran who can’t make ends meet and is freezing. Buying bulk jackets is impressive and innovative while being able to help in these areas as well. You will also find shelters that use them as bedding for small creatures like puppies, kittens, or even birds. When you have an option like this that can help so many people, you know you can’t go wrong.


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