What is the use of a Six Sigma Green Belt certification?

Six Sigma

Six Sigma is a tool that helps professionals in finding risks, errors, and problems in a business and finding different ways to get rid of them.  To get a six sigma certification a person should have some experience and proficiency.

This certification can help individuals to specialize in the improvement of the process and will improve credibility. 

Different Six Sigma Certification levels

There are six sigma certification levels.  The certification levels include White Belt, Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt, and Master Black Belt. 

White Belt: It is the first certification level and includes basic concepts of six sigma. It helps to manage change management in a company and consult with problem-solving team members to help in projects. 

Yellow Belt: This is the second level and at this level, the person learns more about Six Sigma such as how and when to apply it. A person takes part in giving support to the project team and helping in problem-solving tasks. 

Green Belt:  It is the next level and at this level, a person can understand advanced analysis and he/she can solve problems that improve quality. People who receive green belt certification can help to lead projects and also support black belts to collect data and analyze. 

Black Belt: People having black belt certification are experts and they are called agents of change. They give training to the team members and also lead projects. 

Master Black Belt: It is the topmost level of six sigma certification. A person having this level of certification can make strategies, develop important metrics, can work as a consultant, and can give training to belt certification holders. 

How to get six sigma green belt certification?

If you want to get the six sigma green belt certificate, you have to give an exam first. This exam is known as IASSC and the score must be 70%. There are no other requirements to attempt the IASSC certified lean six sigma green belt exam. 

The benefits of six sigma green belt certification 

Green belt training offers individuals to solve different complex matters. An organization that employs a green belt certified professional can benefit from their complex matters solved with the knowledge and expertise of that individual. Such a professional can solve complicated problems quickly. They can also find out the main causes of the problems and can prevent failure costs. Some important benefits of getting a six sigma belt certification are:

Professional growth

After getting the certification a professional can learn different skills that will not only benefit the organization but will also help the individual to develop better communication skills. A person can confidently discuss complex problems with the team members and can solve difficult problems easily. 

Remove errors

Getting a six sigma certification also helps a person to become an important part of the company. The certificate helps an individual to identify the problem and remove errors by using the right strategies. A person can analyze the business processes and can take adequate steps to make improvements. A qualified professional can conduct a review of all practices and can understand how they affect the quality performance. 

Financial growth

The certificate will enhance the confidence of an individual to complete the given projects effectively and reduce operating costs for the company. Generally, the reserve funds for each project include the sum that companies have to pay for completing the projects on time and to get the positive results that were projected at the beginning of the project. By using the six sigma green belt principles and strategies there will be no need for reserve funds. 

Beat the competition

When a professional with a six sigma green belt certificate uses the strategies for advertising and sales for a business, this will help in improving the performance of the business and you can stay ahead of your counterparts. Six Sigma gives the necessary expertise and confidence to a person. It also helps a person to accumulate information and investigate. It also helps in the process of making a quick and fair decision. 

Customer benefits

When a company hires a six sigma green belt professional he/she can offer better quality services and products which help in the growth of the organization. This also helps in improving the company’s reliability and can attract new customers by making sure that your company is offering the best products and services as compared to its competitors. 

Increases value of a person across industries

A six sigma green belt certification can also help to increase the value or demand of a person in the industry. Six Sigma techniques can be used in different industries such as telecom, aerospace, banking, financial services, HR marketing, and many more. Thus, people having six sigma green belt certification have enhanced knowledge in different fields and they can apply their knowledge to streamline business processes and increase revenue. 

Reduce training costs

By using the six sigma green belt strategies, a person can reduce employee turnover and training costs. They can identify the factors that enhance employee turnover and training costs. They can take measures to remove such factors. The main factors that affect employee turnover and training costs include poor career prospects and low compensation. To get rid of this problem, certified professionals can use new hiring processes and training methods for new employees that can give excellent results. 

Thus, you can see that the six sigma green belt certificate has so much importance. For individuals who want to compete and remain employable, it is important to get this certificate. A company owner will feel happy and can live with peace of mind that the production line is controlled by professionals who mainly focus on quality. This is the reason for getting a six sigma certificate. You can join a professional company where you can complete a six sigma green belt course to give the exam and clear it successfully for becoming a lean six sigma green belt certificate holder. You must gain knowledge and proper information to clear the exam on the first attempt.


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