What is KickToken All about? A Brief Review of a New Digital Currency


The modern world of cryptocurrency might be overwhelming. Once we’ve learned about SumSwap1SUM and Bitcoin Asia2BTCA, the KickToken appears, and new questions arise. So, let’s see what KickToken is. First, let’s reveal its full name that sounds like KickToken (KICK) digital ERC20, born on the Ethereum platform in 2017. By the way, all Ethereum-wallet owners have already got their 888 888 KICK since 2019.

Then, let’s say it is about a virtual currency in circulation only within the Kick Ecosystem. The latter works as a convenient and easy-to-use platform with a wide range of offers for cryptocurrency traders. All its services are interconnected and, at the same time, can work separately. The system’s realization became possible with the development of KickEX.

So, if you are on KickToken exchange and have KickTokens, you can make payments at lower rates by grabbing lucrative discounts. Besides, nice add-ons are also available. For example, PRO account owners can purchase additional services outside provided listings.

Project creators and their investors can also use this crypto to solve their financial issues with each other in the reach of the KickICO platform. While project authors buy products and enhance them via their service providers, sponsors usually purchase digital assets, getting extra perks. Such smart contracts as a regulation of mutual relations between transaction partners are popular and most efficient to date. They are private and allow managing agreements, writing their separate paragraphs. 

Advantages and Drawbacks of Having and Using KickTokens

Generally, KickTokens seem useful and beneficial by providing their owners with the following opportunities:

  • They usually can buy plenty of services and even physical goods on the Kickonomy platform.
  • Products from its official partners are also available.
  • Trade on exchanges is also allowed.
  • The platform provides support campaigns and unbiased reviews from professionals.
  • KickEX is remarkable for low commissions and attractive affiliate programs. 
  • It’s possible to get numerous tokens for free.

Besides, the system’s ambitious plans and several well-founded projects should also be considered. Still, are any pitfalls worth mentioning? No one is perfect, so you should be aware of some issues:

  • KickToken is not in the listing of the BBB yet.
  • The KickEX exchange is not available in the USA, Canada, and Iran.
  • Free tokens are frozen on the Ethereum account. No precise terms are set in case of unfreezing them.

Besides, the influence of KickTokens’ free distribution on their value in the future is not clear for now. It may happen that sellers will overweigh buyers when biddings are open. Still, much depends on similar projects’ growth that may create tough competition on the market. 

Final Thoughts about KickTokens

Overall, those with 888 888 KICK in their e-wallets are very fortunate. They have a risk-free opportunity to test all the advantages of the new digital currency and the entire Kick Ecosystem. If you’re interested in this crypto, the cryptocurrency list price LetsExchange will keep you informed. Besides, you should know that KickTokens are also available on EXMO and LiveCoin platforms. You can also buy them through the ETH/KICK or BTC/KICK currency pair. 



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