What Is Breast Augmentation Surgery?

As we all know that everyone’s body structure is different and is not the same as that of others. There are many complications related to many parts of the body but every time diseases don’t lead to surgeries and medications. Some people want to get a perfect body structure besides good health. So, for a woman, her breast size is an important part of a perfect body structure. Either the breast is flattened or it is bulging out, both affect the shape of the body.

So, many women opt for breast implantation to get a perfect size and shape of their breast which is known as breast implants or breast augmentation. There are many ways to change the size of a breast either it is implanting a natural-appearing breast or breast augmentation surgery. In breast augmentation, breast implants are placed just below the muscles if the chest or tissues of the breast. Augmentation mammoplasty is the other name for breast augmentation surgery. This is known as breast reconstruction. 

How breast reconstruction is done?

Breast reconstruction is also known as a tissue expander. A breast tissue expander is flattened breast implant that is structured to stretch the skin and muscle to increase the size of the breast. You will receive a temporary tissue expander at the time of your mastectomy. During a mastectomy, the surgeon cuts the chest muscles and place a tissue expander below the chest muscles. The team will periodically inject salt water into the tissue expander. They do this for over a few months, as a result, the tissue expander expands thereby stretching the breast muscles. When the breast muscles are expanded to the desired size, the tissue expander is removed in the second operation and this will increase the size of your breast. 

Risks of breast augmentation surgery

There are many risks that many women follow who have undergone breast augmentation surgery.These symptoms include risks of anesthesia, bleeding, breast infection, bleeding risks known as a hematoma, etc. Patients have also reported that there is a change in breast and nipple sensation. Many other illnesses develop gradually. The risks also include poor scarring, the wrong and faulty implant of the tissue expander leads to breast discomfort, implant leakage or rupture, the formation of tight scar tissue around the implant also known as capsular contractures. It can also lead to fluid accumulation and wrinkles around the implant tissue. It may also cause severe pain that may continue for some months.

Precautions after breast implantation

The chances of breast infection after surgery is nearly 1 percent.The most common source of infection is skin and breast. Once the infection starts it can spread to any part of the body. To avoid the infection, do not lift the breast to examine the scar after the surgery. This will lead to small skin opening and the risk of infections. If infection if the implant is a concern, it is important to seek immediate medical care.


Breast implantation helps a woman to stand up with confidence because it directly affects her personality.  Although it is not a major issue since it is advisable that if there are any symptoms you develop after the surgery, you should consult the doctors as soon as possible.

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