Visit the Famous Public Parks in New York with PIA

New York is certainly one of the most bustling cities in the world. Though America also hosts several other cities that offer charm and pleasure, the taste of New York is unrivaled. The city excitedly entails all aspects of life. From business and work to the entertainment and amusement, the colorful ambience of New York has everything at your disposal. 

The beauty of the city is glorified by certain places that are remarkable in their features. The public parks are included in the treasure that embellishes the city with amazing decorations. People living in New York love their parks and consider them the perfect places to get serenity and tranquility. And keeping the people’s love for the parks in mind, governments have developed hundreds of them so that the visitors could enjoy recreational activities such as food festivals and movie screening. Here are some of the best recreational parks in New York you can visit through PIA ticket reservation to stave off your boredom. 

  • The Hills at Governor’s Island 

The Governor’s Island is still alive, but the ambience of music that once filled the park has gone. However, you can hear the sound of the teenagers riding bicycles. The park is also famous for its slides that offer endless fun to the kids and adults alike. There are also some spots from where you can watch the New York Harbor and Lower Manhattan. Though several green spaces have changed, some of the features that existed before are still the primary points of interest for tourists. The park also has some spots for adventurers where they can climb rocks and wander through a maze.

  • Washington Square Park 

Though this park is less green than most of other New York parks, its charm is certainly not a treat to miss. Its spirit is kept alive by the benign animals who roam here frequently. This park is largely famous among the students who not only come here to study but also indulge in the various sports activities. The inhabitants of the nearby areas of the park claim that in summers, the park becomes an ideal people watching spot as musicians, pianists, and street artists gather here to flaunt their skills. Last but not least is the fountain in the park that never stops thrusting water. 

  • The Brooklyn Bridge Park 

The Brooklyn Bridge Park features some of the most breathtaking views over the Manhattan’s skyline. It is located on waterfront, and its stunning sights are not to be missed. The park got its name from the equally stunning Brooklyn Bridge, which runs right above it. It was opened in 2010, thus making it one of the newest parks in New York.  Like in other parks, visitors can also enjoy the seasonal activities here, among which the art installations are most popular. If you are from Pakistan, you should come to New York between April and June because the Lahore to New York ticket price goes down in this time period. 

  • Fort Greene Park 

The Fort Greene Park is the loveliest park in the Brooklyn’s area. In summers, it hosts the class get-togethers in which people from different walks of life participate. The park is 30-acres large and is designed by the Vaux and Olmstead. The several playgrounds, open meadows, and the designated places for the recreational activities highlight the significance of this park. In addition, if it is serenity and peace you are looking for, you will have no problems in finding the quite corners in the park. 

  • Central Park 

Certainly, Central Park is one of most iconic parks in the city, situated right in the middle of Manhattan. The park was opened in 1858. In 1962, it was designated the US National Historic Landmark. The park has several lawns, scenic trails, monuments, and the beautiful ponds. Amazingly, there is even an isolated wood area where people can go to endure the peace of mind and soul. There are dozens of activities that you can enjoy in the park, depending on the season. It is even possible to explore the park’s sites for an entire day, so always make sure to wear sturdy shoes. 

  • The High Line 

The High Line is a peculiar and narrow strip of a public park, built on the top of railway path. It is undoubtedly a perfect place to see the incredibly stunning views of Hudson River. In addition, the High Line also offers the majestic scenes of Chelsea and Meatpacking District. The locals term it a true gem of New York. The High Line is the only park in the city that does not allow the dogs to come inside. Apart from running interesting art installations, it also hosts events and guided tours for the foreign visitors. 


Though the city hosts hundreds of other parks, the ones mentioned here are the most famous. By coming here, you will certainly get the peace of mind that you can never experience in the chaotic life of city. 

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