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Understanding BCA and its relevance

With everything getting technologically advanced, the relevance and importance of any degree related to computers and its applications will remain significant. Among many other relevant courses, one such course is Bachelors in Computer Application (BCA) -a three year undergraduate degree programme for aspirants who wish to delve into the world of Computer languages. If you want to kick-start a career in Information Technology, BCA degree gives you an insight into the world of computers and its applications. 

MNCs all over the world have gone through a massive revolution wherein the demand for computer professionals has soared. If you have always been fascinated by computers, its functioning and how the entire system works and don’t mind making a career out of it, then this programme is for you.  

BCA course is focused on building skills and expertise in computer application development and IT administration. The curriculum of BCA may vary from university to university but at large it includes core courses on contemporary and emerging technologies. Also, topics dealing with Programming languages, C++, Java, C# etc. are being taught. 

Students who are interested in higher studies can also take up MCA/MBA for masters. Also, students who don’t wish to pursue B.Tech can also go for BCA as a degree option. Where a four-year undergraduate programme, BCA is a three-year undergraduate programme. The former makes you proficient at technical level such as Software, Hardware, applications etc., the latter will make you adept at the application level of computers.  

Are Indian universities on a par with the international ones and impart updated knowledge?

Unfortunately, a lot of universities in India are not keeping abreast with the latest trends and impart outdated curriculum to its students. But thanks to some universities in our country which keep changing their syllabus according to the market trends and with technological advancements.  The sign of a good university is that it consists of classroom learning, practical sessions, seminars, research work, and project work. Also, making a student job- ready should not be the only prime agenda of a university. Making them ready for life and carving them into a well-rounded professionals are some elements every university in India should aim for. 

There are a lot of reputable universities in India that offer degree courses in BCA. One such private university in Jaipur is JK Lakshmipat University that offers unique interdisciplinary curriculum that prepares you for concrete careers in data analytics, cloud computing, cyber security, Robotic process automation etc. Not just that, students will also get committed mentorship of senior industry practitioners to guide and counsel the students. 

What can one do post BCA?

Just like a B.Tech degree, BCA is a highly reliable job. It pays well too. One can find themselves working in sectors such as, Banking, Website Development, Computer Networking, and others in job profiles such as Software Developer, UI/UX Developer, Systems Analyst, Network Engineer, and many more, post their degree in BCA.

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