Understand Hemp Seed Florida Before You Regret.


I’m Robb a pioneer of Hemp Seed Florida and I want to help every person learn more about my product. You may be wondering how does hemp work? Hemp is an entirely different crop than what you might expect. It grows very tall, fast, and reaches heights of up to 20 ft. Hemp can produce as much as 10 tons of seed on about 100 acres. So why has no one grown it in America for centuries?
Since the US government deems hemp illegal they have been keeping us from learning more about this plant that is actually beneficial to society as a whole. My ancestors lived in America’s deep south 1700 years ago. The Seminole people used hemp fiber for clothes, ropes, nets and even fishnets.

Our Native Americans used hemp for everything – clothing, shoes and even medicine. When Europeans arrived, they noticed the plant’s medicinal and industrial uses for rope, cloth and paper. But they eliminated the crop because it was a threat to their empire. The Europeans arrived and took over our land, and they wanted the hemp crop eliminated for two reasons. First, hemp competed with the cotton industry (which was important to their economy). Second, it made an incredible amount of paper – more than wood pulp.

Today, I will tell you how hemp makes paper that is stronger and lasts longer than wood pulp. It is not something you’d expect. The first thing you have to realize about the strength of paper is that it is very fragile. A piece of paper can be torn by hand because it’s pure cellulose fibers are laying in one direction.

The second thing you should know is that hemp papers are different because they are made from short fibers laid in two directions. It’s a lot more expensive to make paper from hemp, but it lasts longer and is more absorbent. Hemp paper does not yellow or decompose like wood-based paper. It’s also naturally soft, instead of the harsh, stiff feel of wood-based paper.

Hemp oil is pressed out of the seeds and used for fuel. Because hemp can be grown on land that won’t grow food crops, we will not have a shortage of fuel in the future! The oil has vitamins E and D in it which are good for your skin and hair. They’re good for lubricating machines, but they don’t go bad like other types of oil. The seeds are good for food and can be processed to make a non-dairy coffee creamer, or used in baking.

So many people want to grow hemp now that there is a big demand for seeds. The government is making it difficult for us to produce more hemp crops in the United States by slapping high taxes on seeds. Can you believe that the government is charging $500 per ounce seed tax? Our ancestors grew this plant without chemicals and produced all they needed or wanted. Today, we have no way to buy hemp seeds without paying an exorbitant amount of money unless we get them from outside the country.


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