Top Career Choices Without Experience in 2020

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Everyone knows the struggle of applying for a job but getting a setback because it requires a lot of experience. How can you gain experience when you don’t get the opportunity to work? Though experience is beneficial, the good news is that there are plenty of career choices that you can opt for in the year 2020 that do not ask for a long list of experience years on your resume. Here are the top picks.

#1 Graphic Designer:

Some opportunities do not require much experience. However, you do need the skill to choose any option as your profession. A graphic designer is one of many such jobs. With the era being digital, more companies are starting to need graphic designing services either for their website, social media, digital magazine, and the likes. Due to this rising need, companies are taking in graphic designers more frequently, even if they do not have years and years of experience. These days, a promising portfolio and an impressive set of skills usually do the job.

#2 Content Writer:

One job that took over the digital world by a storm of creativity in the year 2020 is content writing. Since the most part of this year was spent in lockdown and many people suffered the loss of their traditional, corporate jobs, heavy traffic was seen driven towards the field of content writing. Because many companies were switching to an online platform, they needed a regular amount of content to make themselves appear active and up to date. That is what gave way to more content writers to enter the market. You do not need tons of years’ worth of experience to become a content writer. You do, however, need to understand all the requirements and importance of it. Additionally, you will need a good command of language along with a knack for putting words together creatively.

#3 Flight Attendant:

Though many people may not have paid enough attention to it, being a flight attendant is another one in the list of jobs that you can get without the need for a lot of experience. In terms of degree or qualification, the most you need is a high school diploma. Other than recent times when the entire world was in lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, flights to and from countries do not really cease. On that basis, the passengers on the flight need to be attended to, to ensure that everything is going in order and no trouble is faced during the flight. The organization training to the flight attendant but does not demand much experience.

#4 Social Media Manager:

All of you know that the era is digital, and so many (if not all) companies have turned to online platforms to keep their businesses up in the ranks. And since it is the age of the internet, there is no better place to promote your business than through social media. A massive number of the world’s total population spends a considerable amount of time of day on social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and the likes. That is what makes social media an excellent candidate for promoting a business, blog, or any other such thing. That being said, handling social media for a company is not as easy as taking a snap of your morning coffee and uploading it on Instagram. For official promotion, proper focus and strategies are required, therefore the recent rise in social media management jobs.

#5 Delivery Person:

Since the traditional jobs have been going down due to the pandemic and the lockdown, people are turning towards smarter ways of making an earning that do not require tons of experience. An example of such jobs is becoming a delivery person. From restaurants to grocery stores, many services have turned online and thus requiring the need for a delivery person. To become on, you do not a hefty resume filled with years of experience. No, you simply need to understand the terms of the occupation and utilize your skill, dedication, and timeliness to the best extent.

#6 Customer Support Agent:

One more job idea that has been going around lately is a customer support representative. Or perhaps it has been around for as long as ever, but it has really been rising up lately. As you must have gathered by reading up until this point, people are turning to services and products online. Usually, they need help with selecting the right product or are looking into details of a particular service, for which they turn to customer service. Being a customer service agent does not ask you to prove that you have had several years of experience in the field. Although you will need a few things to ensure that you are the right person for the job. You need to understand how to address relevant issues correctly, how to talk to a customer, and of course, patience!

#7 Sales Representative:

Whether the business is online or not, it does need to generate sales in order for it to be successful. And for that reason, the business needs someone skilled to represent it and promote its sales. Hence came into being the job of a sales representative. What a sales representative needs to do is put the services of products of the company forward to reach the targeted audience. It is usually done via calls. This is another job that does not require any prior experience, however, training is given by the organization to help fit into the position.

#8 E-mail Marketing Manager:

You can’t get your business forward and thrive while sitting there, with your business dormant. You need to push forward, get it in people’s vision, take the step, and reach as many people as you can. That is why adequate and sufficient marketing is crucially important for any business to grow and prosper. One method that is commonly used by all organizations to promote their business and inform people of their existence is through e-mail. Appropriate sales letters are written, analyzed according to what the customer/client might be interested in, and sent to the masses. For this, companies hire e-mail marketing specialists. While this profession may not necessitate experience, it does depend on how good you are at marketing. 

#9 Proofreader:

Since the era is digital, websites need content, and in perfect form too. It won’t do well if you just write anything from the top of your head and put it up on the related website. Instead of creating benefits for the website, poorly created content can even be detrimental. The improperness can throw off the reader and create a bad image of the host. That is all content needs to be proofread to make sure that there are no mistakes in it and it meets the requirement and purpose of posting it. In today’s digital era, proofreading jobs are available more and more, since there is a larger amount of content being created today.

#10 Editor:

It has already been mentioned above that you can’t just write anything from the top of your head and put it up on the related website. To gain traffic and be successful, a website needs content that attracts the reader, engages them, and impresses them to the point that they are compelled towards the given service or products. Before any blog is posted on the website, an editor goes through it. Their job is to fix mistakes if any and see where the content can be worded better in such a way that will catch the reader’s interest. Since content writing jobs have been on the rise lately, so have been editing jobs.

#11 Administration Assistant/Manager:

One huge change that the world faced this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic is offices shifting to a ‘work from home’ situation. Offices were set up at home and workers were connected through the internet, to make sure that work keeps running smoothly. With that being the case, it became somewhat difficult for people to manage and administer everything virtually. That is where the job of an administrative assistant or manager rose up. This job does not require a lot of experience, though you can only handle it if you have the ability to manage such tasks on time. 

#12 Digital Marketing:

Digital marketing is the top hit in the list of careers in 2020. It cannot be emphasized enough that the new era is digital, and that is the key to promotion and success. The field of digital marketing is vast. Content writing, web development, social media management, SEO service, and much more; these are the driving factors that take any business to the top. Recent days have seen a rise in digital marketing services globally. The best thing is that these services don’t require experience, but the right skill to hit the nail on the head.

Know your expertise and utilize them to the max. That will be your key to developing your career this year without any experience needed!


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