Top Brands when choosing bio-ethanol fireplaces.

Cocoon Fires:
Cocoon Fires is a brand for fireplaces as that produces some of the finest and most stylish bio fires on the market.

Cocoon Fires offers a variety of bio fires where the most popular fireplace is the ceiling mounted Cocoon Aeris, which is also used every day on Danish national television, where Cocoon Aeries is burning in the background of the studio during the program Go’ Morgen Danmark, (Good Morning Denmark), on channel TV2.

Like all the other bio fires, Cocoons burn on bioethanol as well. It makes them environmentally friendly and they do not require a chimney as it does not release soot or smoke.

Cocoon Fires bio fireplaces are designed by Frederico Otero and all of them are equipped with a 1,5 liter manual burner that can provide up to 6 hours of burning per refill.

In addition to the well-known Aeris, Cocoon also offers free-standing and wall-hanging bio fires.

You can find the full range of Cocoon Fires bioethanol fireplaces here.


Dimplex, which is a cozy, relaxing and fireplace atmosphere, but no fire hazard. That’s how it is when you are buying a fireplace from Dimplex, which has developed a technology where water “burns” vapor. You thus achieve the cozy part of the fireplace atmosphere, but without heat and a possible fire hazard. If you only want visibility of a fireplace, then a water vapor fireplace from Dimplex will be ideal.

bio ethanol fireplaces1
bio ethanol fireplaces1

Dimplex is absolutely the leading supplier of equipment white Opti-myst technology. They have world patents on technology thus delivering the torch to the competitors in the industry. It is precisely this technology that makes the fireplaces look realistic and vibrant.

You can find the full range of Cocoon Fires bioethanol fireplaces here.

Dru Fires
Dru Fires
The Dutch manufacturer has the largest selection of all modern brands for gas fireplaces. They have not compromised in production, they have it all functionality, design and engineering at the highest level!

bio ethanol fireplaces2
bio ethanol fireplaces2

With Dru Fires you can get different types of burning, so whether you are for zigzag, a line burner or for a traditional fireplace, Dru Fires certainly have a solution for you.

The many details contribute to the ideal experience of warmth, atmosphere and comfort.

It is also possible to control the functions with an app so you do not have to get up from the couch.

You can find the full range of Cocoon Fires bioethanol fireplaces here.

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