Top 6 Places To Sell Photos Online & Make Money

Places To Sell Photos Online Make Money
Places To Sell Photos Online Make Money

Photography is an art and a medium for factual communication of ideas. Also, nowadays it has become a great way to earn good money. If you have stock of fascinating photographs, you can sell them online to earn some extra bucks.

One of the ways of selling your photos online is by building up your photography website on WordPress or any other platform. You can add your best clicks on your website and start selling your stuff online. But it is a bit difficult and time-consuming task to increase the visibility of your site on the internet. So, it would be better to sell your work in such online places which will allow you to earn the immediate profit. 

Apart from other kinds of photographs, you can also sell commercial images that are used by online retail stores and other businesses. But for doing that you must possess great photography skills. Many photographers are devoted to commercial photography in Bristol and sell them online on various platforms.

Here are the best online platforms to sell photos -:

  • Shutterstock 

Shutterstock American based stock photography provider. It ranks 1st among all online images selling websites and has been on the internet for the last 15 years. It allows you to earn up to 120$ per image.

Once you become a registered contributor on Shutterstock, you will start getting monthly income, it would be between 20% -30% for every single image download.

On this platform, you can also earn money by referring to other photographers and in that case, you will be credited with 4 cents every time your referee sells the picture. 

Another way of earning money on Shutterstock is to refer the site to a customer who wishes to buy the images. When he buys any photo, you will get 20% of it. 

Isn’t it a great way to make handsome money just by referring to people? 

Advantages of Shutterstock

  1. User-friendly interface.
  2. Protect the ownership of your photographs
  3. The time to review the submission is very less.
  • Dreamstime

This is another very famous platform to sell your clicks online. At the initial point, you will get between 25%- 27% stake for selling each photograph, and as you start selling more photos over time, your commission increases up to 45%- 49%.

  • iStock

iStock is a well-known site for purchasing stock photos. If you are a beginner in the business of selling photos, then it would be great to start with this website. Here, you will get only 15% profit by selling photos but once your shots become popular you can get up to 45% profit on each sale.

  • 500px

If you have stock commercial images and think that people would be willing to pay for them, then you can put your pictures in 500px. Many photographers whose main occupation is commercial photography in Bristol linked together through this site. It is a community-based platform, which gives you a chance to connect with like-minded photographers. 

You can like or comment on alluring clicks that are posted by other users and can also participate in different photography contests organized by the 500px.

  • Esty

Globally known Esty offers you to sell both printed and digital photographs online. But this website works well for experienced photographers, instead of beginners because of high competition. This platform allows you to set the price of your clicks and charge only 3.5% commission on every sale. Esty is also very famous for handmade original gifts.

  • Alamy

It is not much popular as other platforms and has less number of users, but still, you can consider it to sell your work, as its royalty payment is 50%

Conclusion -:

Whether you are a  fashion, sports, still life, landscape or any other photographer, you can share your best clicks on the internet through above-mentioned websites and can earn some extra cash to improve your livelihood or for other entertainments.

Author Bio: Oliver James is an accomplished explorer, photographer, creative director, speaker, and author. Traveling throughout the year to pursue the farthest expansion of the earth, Oliver works to capture the stories that inspire humans to consider their relationship with nature and the world.


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