Tips for Saving Money on a Long Distance Move

Long Distance

Moving is a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. It comes down to the preparation you put in before moving and how much time you are willing to spend packing up everything yourself. In this article, we will cover some of the best tips for saving money on a long distance move so that you can enjoy your new home without breaking the bank!

Find Cheap Movers

In a general sense, it is understood that the least expensive way to move to a new home is through performing do-it-yourself moving. However, people who opt for a self-move when they move long distances are disadvantaged in that an entire truckload is usually required, and the interstate trip can be very expensive. But don’t just hire the first company you find.

For finding cheap movers compare several quotes from companies to determine what is reasonable and affordable for a long distance move. Request three to four affordable binding quotes for your move from local moving companies before choosing one.

Compare the offers – When selecting a company, it is essential to consider more than just the price. Do your research and don’t accept the first offer you receive for a mover – you’re likely to pay more than expected for scam artists or subpar service.

Carefully research relocation companies– After identifying a mover, carefully examine their license and provide proof of insurance.

Ensure you keep your eyes open for discounts – lookout for ongoing promotions, special deals, coupons, etc.

One of the most expensive mistakes you can make when planning a move is waiting until the last minute to hire movers. The earlier in advance of your move, you secure a moving company, the better the deal you’ll get. So as soon as you have your final mover in mind, book him or her. Moving companies Seattle offer the best moving experience with care.

Borrow Stuff while Moving

You may want to borrow items rather than buy them new and only need them temporarily. Eliminating and packing furniture can be a time-consuming process. But you should also cover protective materials, such as corner guards or plywood boards, to prevent property damage on day. Again, saving money is the name of the game.

The trick is to borrow furniture from friends and family members before they are sold or donated. You can also ask your company about the possibility of borrowing some of their protective packing materials, too! Borrowing can be a great way to save money on what you need how to move interstate australia.

Pack Smartly

The point in the moving process where you become a seasoned pro is when you start packing:

Take Only What You NeedThe packing process for your move is a marathon, not a sprint; don’t be tempted to throw in anything and everything because you might regret it later. Only pack items of practical, aesthetic, and sentimental value; when packed well, you will save on space. For this reason, use packing materials sparingly. Limit the number of boxes, and only pack what you need to take on a long-distance move.

Pack Your Items Yourself – Packing all of your belongings into a single truck or storage unit by yourself can seem like an intimidating task, but it will help you save a lot of money off of your total bill.

Don’t underestimate the amount of packing you need to do, and start getting your belongings ready for shipment as far in advance as possible. Begin by assessing what you need the least and spend a couple of hours on that task every day until all your belongings are boxed for when you move.

It is advisable to take necessary care while packing to avoid damages during transit. One of the golden rules of packing and moving, for example, would be a heavy-duty packaging material with plenty of ventilation that will last through the various phases from house packing (sorting) to unpacking in your new home.

A successful move will result in a lower cost than one with many mistakes.

Buy Cheap Packing Materials

To have enough time to get everything necessary and as cheaply as possible, you must estimate how much packing material you will need in advance.

Take advantage of ongoing sales and promotions when you pack up for a move.

Packers will often provide some packing materials for you if you ask, and they can be expensive to buy from elsewhere. If they don’t, purchase items such as packing tape, packing paper, bubble wrap, stretch wrap, and sealable bags, amongst other things in bulk – these are always cheaper when bought in bulk.

If you’re on the lookout for resources like boxes and packing peanuts that will make your moving experience easier, it’s best to begin collecting these items a few months in advance of your move.

Get boxes for free from friends, neighbors, or colleagues who have recently moved, local retail stores, recycling centers.

Look for free packing supplies – ask your friends for packing supplies they no longer need, ask local printing houses for end rolls of newsprint, find free packing materials online (favorite list)

Use alternative packing materials – You can use luggage, backpacks, bags, baskets, and crates instead of boxes when you move. You can substitute packing paper with newspapers and bubble wrap with towels too.

Save on Travelling

When contemplating how you can save money on a long distance move, don’t forget that transportation expenses are a considerable chunk of the total moving costs.

When weighing the pros and cons of a long-distance move, research all viable modes of travel to your end destination. You should first find out which model is most convenient for you and your family based on what’s available in each case (driving across the country, shipping car), then choose a more economical option if possible.

When moving out of state, many people use an airplane because it is quicker and less time-consuming than traveling by land. When you are moving long-distance, there is not much time for any other commitments. Besides, gas isn’t very cheap either.


When you’re moving, it’s essential to know what your options are. A wide variety of companies out there can help make the process as smooth and easy for you as possible. Of course, some will be more costly than others, but hopefully, you’ll find one that fits within your budget with these tips in mind. Though we hope this article has been helpful.


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