Tips for Artist About How to Sell and Promote Artwork


Do you want to sell your artwork? If yes, then you must know how to promote your art pieces. Unfortunately, promoting art is not an easy process. It is a very challenging task but can also be exciting.

It would be best if you concentrate on building up your reputation first. Make your mark on the community that connects to your medium or develop the people’s interest in the theme you have a specialization.

You must evaluate your current position in the art field and then decide the goals which you want to achieve. After that, promote your artwork accordingly. Following are fun and exciting tips for artists to sell and promote their artwork:

Make an Online Portfolio

The first step for marketing your artwork is to make an online art portfolio. It is essential to have a place where people can look at your work. It can be for applying for a new project or any other purpose.

It is crucial to have a good portfolio of your art pieces on sites. For instance, ElephantStock can help you to make a prints. It is best to create a good impression on others. Moreover, the first impression is the last impression.

Here are some aspects that will help you make your portfolio shine and take your work to the next level:

  • Use Online Website Builder

Choose an online portfolio platform and make your website within minutes. First, you can select the option that gives you a free trial. Then, you can test it to check if it is suitable according to your needs or not.

It does not take much time, and you can pick an attractive layout and template that you can navigate easily. For marketing, it is best to choose options that do not take much time.



  • Carefully Select the Website Content

It is tempting to show all your art pieces on your online portfolio, but you should choose wisely. Instead of focussing on quantity, focus on quality work.

If you include too many art pieces in your portfolio, visitors might skip some of your gorgeous art pieces. As a result, they may never get seen by people, and it can make your entire portfolio weak.



  • Ace Your Artist Statement 

Add an artist statement on your website. It describes your work and explains your art pieces properly. In addition, it is beneficial for marketing the art. It is mandatory for the submission of art pieces for competitions.

  • Start Blogging

If you add a blog to your portfolio, it will be very beneficial. It is an excellent way to create unique content for the website and helps in improving online rankings. In addition, it gives you a chance to show your skills.

Blog posts help you demonstrate your wealth of knowledge to visitors and fellow artists and position you as a market leader.



  • Add an Online Store

Once you make an online portfolio to showcase your skills, you can also sell it online. People sometimes show their interest through your online portfolio and blog, so you can set an online store to sell those pieces.

Once those pieces grace the walls of collectors and clients, they will spark interest in other people too. It would be best if you pick a portfolio platform with online store functionality. In this way, you can avoid transaction fees too.

Enter Art Competitions

One of the best ways for promoting the artists is art competitions. So apply in all art competitions, and if you manage to win any, it will be highly beneficial for your carrier.

You will earn people’s attention, and the award you will win will help you build a reputation. And if you by chance do not win the competition, entering in competitions will still be helpful to showcase your work.



Throw Your Art Shows

Organizing your art show is an intelligent way to promote yourself and to learn the marketing ropes. Below are some helpful tips to smoothly run your show:

  • Tie the whole show on a particular theme. It will give you the sense to focus on an art show.
  • If you make a group show, there will be more marketing due to the number of the artists. In addition, each artist will put the word out to their networks, leading to an increase in your show promotion.
  • Do not stick to traditional galleries for venues. If it is in your budget, rent an open and accessible place like hotel lobbies, restaurants, or music halls.

Focus on Networking

The primary skill for art promotion is networking. Here are some ways to build art-world relationships:

  • Attend Art Exhibitions 

Art exhibitions provide you a platform to meet fans, professional artists, gallery owners, and various agents. You can make contact with these important people to be in the loop about new opportunities.

You can hand over your business cards to everyone you meet in exhibitions for your art promotions. 



  • Join Artist Organizations

Artists organizations provide tons of networking opportunities, workshops, resources, and many more. There are many artist organizations in different states or cities, so you must join them for better networking opportunities. 

Kill it on Social Media

Create a social media strategy for promoting your artwork. It should include artist promotion campaign goal, target audience, and platforms to use.

  • Set Up Business Accounts on Social Media

Promote your artwork online by creating business pages on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. It will make artist promotion look professional and give you access to some analytics tools.



  • Get Your Followers to Promote for You

Peer-to-peer promotion is a key to an excellent social media strategy. So, find different ways to get your followers to promote your work. One way to perform this task is through contests. 

Some companies offer free products and ask followers to participate in the contest by making a post that mentions your work.



Final Words

When you skillfully promote your work, you can get your art into an art gallery. With the proper marketing technique,  you can improve the sales of your art pieces.


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