Things you need to know as a car lover

Vintage cars are like never before. Everyone wants to have one. If you want to own an old car, here are ten facts you should know about the dirtiest hobby in the world.

Who is entering the world of classic cars, should have heard of some things at least once. We have compiled some of the most important, interesting and amusing facts you would love to know.

The better car is the better purchase

The classic car shop is by no means a hobby only for the rich, the classified ads are full of supposed bargains for a few thousand euros. However, maintenance backlog and high repair and restoration costs can quickly exceed the purchase price dramatically. There is a rule of thumb, the so-called 3-to-1 rule: if you put three euros in the repair of your dream car, you only get one euro back when you sell it.

Here’s the guide to the tuning of gearhead:

Especially if you are not very talented as a screwdriver, it can be economically worthwhile not to buy a restoration object, but rather the more expensive but better vehicle. Unless the way is the goal for you. If you are really looking forward to years of painstaking restoration work after work, then treat yourself to your automotive care.

Cleaning too late

Especially now in summer: burst insects contain acids, quinine, and other substances that attack the paint. Bird droppings are also extremely aggressive. Even if one should remove these residues immediately, this should not be done with the large-pored insect sponge, which is available at many petrol stations. It is intended for cleaning the windows and would scratch the paint.

Tip: The residues should be soaked with water at the latest after the trip. It is best to place a soaking wet newspaper on the dirty spot. Wet toilet paper is not recommended as it will dissolve and leave paper residue on the varnish. After five minutes, everything can be removed without pressure using a soft sponge or wet paper towel.

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The commercial insect remover must also be washed off with water to avoid traces of paint and plastic. The following applies to all of these residues: Even if the paint is protected with wax, it must be removed as soon as possible. In summer you should drive through the car wash at least every two weeks.

Use of own cleaners

Only commercially available additives belong in the water tank of the windscreen washer system. Our own mixtures with cleaners, alcohol, and other substances foam up and destroy the pump and pipes. Insects on the windscreen should be rinsed away with mop water before they dry, otherwise, the sensitive wiper blades are attacked by the hard resins and chitin residues.

So it is better to operate the windscreen washer more often – but first, check in the rearview mirror that no motorcycle follows that could be endangered by the spray water.

Cameron James Connor
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