The fantastic living idea maximizes your living room size.

living room
living room

Nowadays, in the modern era, most people lived in small size house in an urban area. You also live in a small-sized living room; here, we have some thoughts that help you maximize your living space. The living room does not require to be huge, but it’s crucial to look classy and use a maximum room area. It is giving us comfort and a happy feeling. The living room is the best way to show our personality.


If your living area is small, you should use all of your room walls, including flooring and ceiling. You can use the printed and patterned rub or vinyl floor tiles on your floor. We suggest that you build a roof higher so natural light and fresh air quickly get into your room. You can apply frames, paintings, organizer, or what you like that show your room classy for other walls. You can add magnifying your room by adding the full-size mirror.

Lighten up your room is the best way to expand your small living room. You can set small light on the ceiling area and around the wall. It also provides you a modern look to your living area. You can set vertical space that can use shelves & cabinets. You can also put mount shelves that can be used as a book rack. You can use all your space from wall to wall or floor to ceiling to use a good option for storage. 


If your living area is small, that means you should set small size furniture.

You need to set single seating arrangements. Many people have a LED section in the living room area. You can put the sofa set to makes things comfortable. You can set a book rack that has lightweight materials. 

You can set 3 feet rule for furniture sets. According to this rule, you maintain a 3-foot distance between drawers, doors, sofa set, book rack and any furniture you set in the living room. That allows you smooth flow and a pleasing look to your living area.

Organize space

If your living room is small and close to your dining room, you can merge both sections. This arrangement allows you to bit more item into a larger space and more combination for your room arrangements. You can add a tea of coffee table in the middle of your living area that gives you a larger view of your small room.

If you don’t want to set a sofa set, you can go with a bulk chair combination. You can also try an l-shape look that also gives you more extra space for your living room. It would help if you also used multi-functional furniture for storage things and small items like in build sofa set allow you to store object in the bottom of the sofa. You can also use decoration to expand your living area, and It also adds some visual effects.


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