The benefits of moving your business to the cloud

As new technology develops, so too do the opportunities for businesses to capitalize on that developing tech. With businesses facing an increasing reliance on information technology and network infrastructure, the question of moving toward cloud-based applications and operations is likely to present itself.

For management and executive staff, a cursory understanding of cloud technology and its potential for business optimization and growth is now becoming vital.

Becoming cloud savvy

In 2020, it was reported that 7 out of 10 businesses were utilizing cloud computing technology as part of their operating processes. Given that this trend will continue over time, a business’s exposure to cloud technology is inevitable. 

A Cloud Guru offers an extensive range of online training courses providing a cloud learning path that can provide businesses and IT personnel with a deeper understanding of rapidly developing cloud technology.

What exactly is the cloud?

Many people are confused by the new buzz words such as “cloud technology” and “cloud migration”. Typically, many people will speak of the cloud while not quite understanding exactly what it is. The fact is, they are very likely already using it in one form or another.

Put simply, “the cloud” is a collective of remote data servers located around the world. These servers store data remotely, which is then accessed securely over the internet. Still confused? If you use email services and social media, you’re already accessing the cloud via an application. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are simply applications which store your data on a network of remote servers. So when a user accesses those applications, they are accessing the cloud.

Why should I migrate the business to the cloud?

The key benefit of cloud-based operation lies in the fact that the business now uses remote data storage facilities, applications, and servers, rather than having to host and manage those functions on their own equipment. In financial terms, this means capital isn’t tied up unnecessarily in plant and equipment.

Operational benefits include a more superior potential for control over data and information, together with the ability to maintain a secure data access and storage system that can be expanded cost-effectively as the business grows.

A traditional problem with computer infrastructure is obsolescence – hardware needs to be upgraded routinely as it becomes rapidly outdated. A decentralized cloud service does away with these infrastructure concerns – essentially replacing the problems of aging equipment and inadequate storage space with a third-party maintained server system.

Cloud computing potentially impacts a broad range of business processes and can benefit:

  • Human resources management
  • Customer services and accounts management
  • Marketing and promotional management
  • Management executive suite
  • Project management
  • Data storage and backup
  • Controlled data access by the company and/or remote users


Cloud services are steadily replacing many of the systems and processes which businesses traditionally and maintained and operated on an ‘in-house’ server or network. With cloud computing rapidly impinging on business, it benefits the business owner or manager to gain a deeper personal understanding of the technology to assist in decision-making to take best advantage of available technology.

Radhe Gupta
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