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The 3 Big Differences Between UX And UI Design

Today, the terms UI and UX can be frequently met on the platforms related to design, such as Novice designers (and not only) often confuse these terms and use them as a single whole. But this is wrong. This article tells about the distinctions between them. You will also know why it is vital for a developer to understand them.

What is UI Design?

In simple terms, UI (user interface) can be designated as a frontend design, its look. Theoretically, it is a combination of many components. They are:

  • content (photos, footage, texts, documentaries);
  • frames (text boxes, keys, checkboxes, marks, etc.);
  • behavior (i.e., effects that occur when keys are clicked, items are dragged, printed, etc.).

As the web developers’ practice shows, theoretical knowledge is not the only thing one needs to achieve an optimal balance between the listed elements. One also needs to have an excellent eye.

What is UX Design?

UX (user experience) is a definition introduced by D. Norman. An experience of a client is the person’s interworking with the frontend or other product. It can be well-thought-out, easy and comfortable, or heavy, frustrating, and unsuccessful. A good UX is when the product is convenient and well-thought-out. 

UX design deals with planning and refining the person’s impression of a product. UX developer conducts researches, tests, develops prototypes. After that, they conclude what format of client’s interaction gives the best result.

Key Distinctions Between UX And UI

UX and UI are important constituents that can create or destroy a brainchild. They interwork with each other to decide how the brainchild will look and perform functions. How can one describe these two notions to capture the main dissimilarities between them?


  • UX looks for solutions, and UI defines the look.

UX design deals with the client’s expectations for a merchandise or service. The ultimate objective of it is to find and tackle the problems that customers face. In contrast, UI design handles modeling that UX specialists design behind the scenes. The user frontend creates a product frontend based on requirements for functioning. It applies designing theories, norms, and aesthetics to create a superb client experience.

  • The UX focuses on the user’s path, and the UI focuses on merchandise snapshots.

The audience is the foundation of UX. Most research, testing, and experiments deal with learning and perfecting the client experience. Behavior, functional interworks, and emotional responses throughout the user’s path are the foundation of the UX strategies. On the other hand, UI specialists are concentrated on the layout to please clients. They encourage them to perform the actions designed by their UX colleagues. User frontend specialists combine graphic, interactive, and motion designs, and branding to create the best possible layout. Their objective is to turn the conceptual content and layout into an attractive, intuitive, and responsive user frontend.

  • UX and UI complement each other.

UX design and UI are completely different. Comparing them might mean that they can work independently without affecting each other, but that’s wrong. Together, they guarantee the best possible client experience. The UX determines where the audience wants to go, and the UI helps them get there.


UX and UI are both paramount. No matter how beautiful the user frontend is, the users will find the merchandise useless without UX, and their basic needs will not be met. And even a great UX will become dull without an efficient and attractive UI design. To conclude, one must say that UX is a science, and UI is an art form. They are not the same, but they can’t function without each other.


Radhe Gupta
Radhe Gupta is an Indian business blogger. He believes that Content and Social Media Marketing are the strongest forms of marketing nowadays. Radhe also tries different gadgets every now and then to give their reviews online. You can connect with him...

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