Starting with Linux Reseller Hosting? Get to Know All the Details…

Linux Reseller hosting is a unique kind of hosting as it is the only type of hosting service through which a web hosting user can also earn money by reselling the hosting resource. 

The concept of reseller hosting is so unique and is so interesting. Although there are many options in the kind of reseller hosting services like Windows reseller hosting and Linux reseller hosting. All of them are a decent way to earn money without even worrying about managing the infrastructure. Despite reseller hosting being so popular, there is not enough knowledge base regarding the basic technical queries. No need to worry, we have covered all the details to make sure you are well informed about the technology. 

Reseller hosting is counted to be one of the best ways to earn extra money. It is specially designed for those who want to start their career as a hosting provider. Starting as a reseller hosting provider will give them a clear idea of how to get into the real business of hosting services. Reseller hosting can be considered as a basic version of the advanced version of the hosting service business. Once you excel at it you are good to start with any kind of hosting service business. 

Defining Reseller hosting

Reseller hosting is a special kind of hosting service. You as a reseller hosting provider will be using someone else’s hosting resources or platform and making a business out of it. It is similar to like reselling a product’s resources and features in your name. When a hosting model allows a third-party web hosting service to sell their hosting solutions to their clients then its reseller hosting. The reseller hosting model makes an individual act as an independent web hosting provider by providing the privilege of reselling the resources of its parent web hosting provider. You as a reseller hosting provider can earn a large amount of money without even knowing the technicalities of the hosting infrastructure.

How to start with?

There is always a good time to start with a reseller hosting service. But if you are coming into this to earn lots and lots of money, you need to be first fully aware of all the facts. 

So the first and foremost step will be to search for a reliable web hosting provider that will be your parent web host that will be providing you with the server and memory space. The parent web hosting provider comprises different plans of reseller hosting and you can select any one as per your preference. You have to keep in mind the requirements of your direct customers you want to cater to and while selecting the plan give it preference to it. Every plan is unique in its way.      

Although your parent web hosting provider takes care of setting up the software and other things for you. But it is suggested to stay updated with all the technicalities and to stay updated to keep your customers informed. Keeping your clients well informed and updated throughout. The second thing you need to keep track of the type of control panel they are providing. Every control panel has unique features of its own. The 2 most preferred control panels are cPanel and WHM. When cPanel is famous for its user-friendly features and presents many specific benefits for reseller hosting, WHM on the other hand is good at managing multiple reseller accounts. 

The amount of disk space and bandwidth for your reseller hosting is very essential. As none of your clients will afford to compromise on disk space and bandwidth so you need to keep a check on it. So you need to be pre-prepared with the appropriate disk space and bandwidth allotment scheme. Also, be careful about selecting the pricing model keeping in mind all of your customers and their budgets. There are two types of pricing models that are very famous i.e. flat fee model and the pay-as-you-go model. Out of these two, the pay-as-you-go model is the preferred one. According to the pay-as-you-go pricing model you only need to pay for the resources that are in current use. This saves a lot of money that was been wasted before on unnecessary resources.

Don’t forget to appoint dedicated staff to handle the technical queries coming from your clients. As most of the parent web hosting providers will not be entertaining the queries of your direct clients. You can’t expect that there will be zero errors and negligible technical glitches when you are handling such a technical service. 

Once you have taken care of all these mentioned points, you are good to start with your reseller hosting business. Just plan out your hosting packages and reach out to the right set of clients. You are going to learn a lot through the process of reseller hosting and can further implement it once you start with your actual web hosting providing business. In the process, the expertise of Linux as an OS will help you to grow well and reach your desired profit levels. The added advantage of Linux being more secured will make you feel like taking the rightest decision of all times. You will find yourself having that competitive edge over Windows reseller hosting when you will get that optimized stability and freedom of customizing as and when required. 

Hence, what are you waiting for? Go grab the opportunity and kick start your long term delayed reseller hosting business.  

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