Receiving a transfer in the Western Union system

The system began to work in 1851. If previously used the telegraph to send money and messages, today it has been replaced by modern computer technology. “Western Union” allows you to send transfers worldwide. The funds reach the recipients within a few minutes. Despite much competition, the system occupies a leading position in the field of instant transfers.

Advantages of Western Union

The main advantage of the system is the quick transfer of funds to any continent of the globe. Western Union cooperates with all banks, Indian Post. Recently, it has become possible to receive transfers in the offices of mobile operators.

A special program has been developed for regular customers – the Western Union Gold Card. It allows you to collect bonuses and promotions from the system. To get it, you need to contact the customer service point.

Currencies of transfers:

  • rupees;
  • U.S. dollars;

If the transfer is sent to India, it must be in rupees. If in other countries – there will be the currency of the recipient state.

Transfer delivery time – no more than 5 minutes. Each shipment is assigned a control number. With its help, they search for a translation and also receive it. The cost of a money transfer depends on its amount. Its size is indicated in the tariff scale.

Another advantage of the system is the ability to receive a transfer at any point. At the same time, the recipient himself does not pay an additional commission. All translation costs are borne by the sender.

Where and how to get a transfer

Western Union cooperates with almost all banks. You can receive a transfer in the following institutions:

  • “BOB”;
  • “BOI”;
  • Axis bank
  • “Kotak bank”;
  • hdfc and many others.

You can also receive a money transfer at the Indian Post and in mobile phone stores. For example, Beeline.

o receive the transfer, the client must provide:

  • national passport;
  • number of translation;
  • The exact amount of the transfer.

Instead of a national passport, you can provide another identification document. It should have a photograph to identify the customer.

After that, the recipient fills in a special form. In it, in addition to basic information about himself and the transfer (number, amount), he indicates the country of departure and currency . The name of the sender can not be written. As soon as the form is completed and signed by the client, the cashier will issue a money transfer in the currency of departure, if this does not contradict the legislation of the recipient country.

For this, the sender must indicate the card account of the recipient, the card number in the transfer. This method is possible if the recipient has an account in the office of the partner of the system.

Can I get an online transfer

Many banks have implemented the function of receiving Western Union transfer online . For example, if you have a card of a system partner bank, you should go to its website. In the interface, select “Translations”. The name may be different.

Having entered it, a list of payment systems available for receiving and sending opens. You need to choose Chase Routing Number , as well as the point of receipt of the transfer. Then, in the window that opens, enter the necessary data, and click on “receive”.

Then you need to specify a card to transfer the transfer. Funds are transferred instantly. Upon receipt of the transfer, the currency of departure and the card must be taken into account. If the transfer is in US dollars, and you have a rupay card open, transfer cash in rupees at the current exchange rate of the bank.

Checking the status of the translation

Sometimes there are failures in the banking system, and the time for sending and receiving Western Union is slightly delayed. In order not to waste time going to the bank, it is better to check the status of the transfer. This can be done on the system website:

The customer enters the following data:

  • control number (10 characters);
  • country of receipt (selects from the proposed list);
  • amount;
  • transfer currency.


The Western Union system allows you to receive and send transfers in any country . There are various ways to receive shipments: at a bank, to a card account, online. Western Union translations are most in demand in India and neighboring countries.

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