Outsource Your Data Annotation

Text Annotation is underlining the written texts in a document to make it easy to perceive by others, basically the machines that can utilize such words to recall into the artificial brain. With an increase in use of AI or ML derived technologies, various fields are benefited with the same. For enabling such technologies, a large data needs to be identified by systems in their basic language. Every aspect of machine learning which involves text analysis, algorithmic linguistics, chatbot requires employing Text annotation services.

Tools used by the Text annotation Services

Some tools for word annotation are provided for assistance:

  • Tagtog: Mechanical as well as physical labelling available.
  • LightTag: provides in house facility to annotate text
  •  Brat: provides collective labelling where many users can annotate their data easily.
  • Doccano: Simplified tool where basic diagrammatic overview of labelling information is portrayed.
  • Inception: extensive features but a bit complicated.

Importance of Data Annotation

Data annotation is the procedure of tagging the details accessible in different forms like picture, text or videos. For supervised machine learning tagged sets of data is needed, so that machine can simply comprehend the patterns when unannotated data is entered.

Rationale for outsourcing Data Annotation Projects:

A thorough experience of annotating text data in machine learning is important to assure quality and security of the data produced.  Outsourcing is necessary because of the following reasons!

1.  Prioritize Quality: In machine learning, a model is successful only if it is rich in traits and is precise. To satisfy this requirement, we need professionals that are skilled enough to handle large datasets. Also, they will accomplish their targets quickly & can deliver standard work when grouped together as a team. One of their major tasks includes make data faultless and to ensure multi-checks. Sometimes, companies are afraid that annotators won’t apprehend the needs of the projects. Hence, this is an essential reason to keep in consideration while annotating data.

2.  Confidential: Safety of data is another serious affair in ML projects. Some companies do not source or outsource such data due to data privacy issues. Employing in-house staff for annotating information is a good idea but only for limited quantity projects. For large scale achievement, a reputed or experienced company should be hired for annotating text safely. Individuals also commit legitimate contracts so that none of the information is leaked as well as in safe hands. Not even any raw data is revealed. Some companies are even secured if there is some mis-happening at the time of annotation because of their secretive business plans.

3. Vastness of project: Deep learning plans needs enormous information to guide the model in order to apprehend complexity and generate quality results. Scaling approach is basically used to increase the bulk data in any language. Usually campus staff lacks the resources, for large scale data annotation and hiring engineers is a costly affair. For assigning the task, the company may have to spend additional money to hire workers on team. Adapting to new demands is a challenge during labelling. Hence, outsourcing is essential to fulfillarge scale demand of the tasks.

4. Decreasing inner prejudice: The inner bias occurs when employees think of the data model in a specific way and not consider other solutions. Other reasons could be that data is inspired by tradition or could not match the aura in which it will operate. Another way to alleviate unfairness is to hire people from different team of annotators. When outsourcing of data is done, the probability of filtration, loss of data becomes nil. Professionals will create error free databases that will stand up to the environment of the model for which they are built.

5. Pace: The companies cannot depend on the workers for annotation job as they are preoccupied with other duties. Also, they need to be tutored for annotation that may take a while. Therefore, if any project needs immediate attention then it will become troublesome. Adverse conditions could be that data is badly annotated and requires re annotation from start. Hence, time utilization for the same task gets doubled.  Outsourcing on the other hand has many advantages as already trained, hardworking and less time-consuming team will complete the work. Also, they are capable of adapting to the needs like regional dialects


In machine learning, annotating data is a gilded stuff. A variety of tools are present which allows the data you desire. Individual’s project destiny is dependent on how well your data is interpreted. Experienced workers are featured for the task for better performance. Hope the above-mentioned reasons will make you comprehend why there is a need to outsource annotation. Hiring devoting contractors to tag an immense info having text, video & figures is important. Remember to deal with trusted Text annotation services at a reasonable pay.Understanding AI technologies and its application can make the future better for all, in a long-term raising world economy. 

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