List of Bigg Boss Rules & Regulations for Contestants & Audience.

Bigg Boss Rules
Bigg Boss Rules

Bigg Boss is an Indian television reality game show which telecasts in 7 different languages of India namely Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Bangla and Marathi. It was inspired from the Netherland’s game show “Bigg Brother”. The concept of this game is that contestants should survive inside the Bigg Boss house by competing with other contestants with certain rules. Bigg Boss housemates should go along with the following Bigg Boss rules.

Should Wear Mic

The contestant should always wear the mic inside the house. This is the most important rule of Bigg Boss. If not, you will be warned immediately by the common speaker. Contestants are allowed to take the mic away while sleeping or using the restroom (Bathroom & Toilet).

Electronic devices are not allowed 

Contestants should not use any electronic devices like mobile, tablet and computer inside the bigg boss house. They should not communicate with the external world. Sometimes, mobiles (provided by bigg boss team) are used to talk selfies and capture the happy moments inside the house. This is one of the bigg boss contract rules.


The next Bigg Boss rules for contestants is language. The contestants should speak in the language respective to their Bigg Boss version. For example, if the celebrity joins the Bigg Boss Tamil version, the contestant should speak only in Tamil. At least he should try to speak in a particular language, if he doesn’t know the respective language. Added to tha, the members are not allowed to use abusive and harsh speech inside the house.


Every week, The housemates are allowed to nominate two of their competitors or antagonists inside the Bigg Boss house. The members with more number of nominations will go for the eviction process. The audience can show their support to the particular participant through the vote. In the last week of Bigg Boss house, there will be no nomination in spite of it a mega voting poll is conducted for all the 5 contestants and the winner will be chosen on basis of number of votes. There will be three prizes: Winner, 1st runner up and 2nd runner up.


The contestants should be always prepared to get out or stay in the Bigg Boss house according to the decision of the Bigg Boss team. The elimination or saving contestants are decided by the audience through the voting system. Bigg Boss Tamil online voting is used to take the survey of Tamil version audience. Similar to that, different language versions have different voting processes. The contestant with least votes will be eliminated from the house. The participants will be also called out if there is any medical emergency or harmful act. In Bigg Boss Tamil season 3, Contestant MadhuMitha is prohibited from the game because of her harmful act.

Wildcard Entries

The Bigg Boss team has the advantage of introducing new contests into the same Bigg Boss season. The participants show ready to play the game whoever it is. Sometimes, they resend the eliminated contestant again to improve the show quality and audience interest. They introduce minimum 2 contestants as wildcard contestants in a season.

Bigg Boss Voting rules

The voting polls will be open from monday to friday every nomination week. The audience can vote for their favorite contestant through the following three mechanisms: Hotstar app, missed call or google search. The audience can cast multiple votes but there are only limited votes allowed per voting mechanism. Votes after the deadline will not be counted as the votes. The voters should use valid Gmail id to cast their vote inorder to reduce spam. You can also share your vote for multiple nominated contestants.

Bigg Boss New Rules

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, the Bigg Boss team added the new set of rules to their terms and conditions in 2020. The shortlisted contestants should go for COVID-19 test and need to submit the report to Bigg Boss legal team in order to reduce the pandemic. If it is positive, you will be immediately banned from the participation of Bigg Boss season.

It will be easy when you read bigg boss rules but the reality is it will be very hard to follow inside the house for 100 days. The winners can take the prize money of 50 Lakhs where other finalists get some rewards which may vary from season to season.


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