Let’s Talk About Shaman’s

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Today I’m talking about shamans. here’s why I’m sharing it: shamanic culture is an ancient way of being and it’s really important that as modern people we integrate being with nature and incorporating these natural ways into our lifestyle even though we have so much technology and things have changed since those ancient times. we’re learning as modern people to integrate these traditions into our lives. as an introduction generally shamans live by a set of complex and deeply spiritual principles and we call that a cosmology. 

This set of principles integrates spirit and ceremony into every moment. specifically the shamanic lifestyle is about being in right relationship right relationship with one’s self, right relationship with the earth, right relationship with the spirit world. and right relationship with the earth is really an umbrella of being a steward of all of the creatures of the earth and of the earth herself. let’s talk about being in right relationship with oneself. 

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This is really a practice of harnessing and maintaining your personal power and there are three fundamental shamanic skills that you’ll need to do. number one is having strong boundaries number two is having great clearing practices. I have a video about cleansing and clearing with sage that you can go check out it’s in the description below. and number three is having grounding practices. what some people don’t realize is that grounding is a practice it doesn’t just happen automatically because we live on the earth and we’re humans.. it’s a practice. 

All of these practices help us to become a spiritual adult who is taking 100% responsibility for her experience in life .in ancient shamanic cultures these three practices and principles were integrated into the culture and people learn them as children. in our society we need to learn them as adults and to become spiritual adults in our adult lifecycle. next, shamans are in relationship with the earth in right relationship with the earth. this means that a shaman is an intermediary between the land and the community. 

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A shaman is one who knows. one who intimately knows the land the cycles of the Moon the cycles of the Sun the cycles of the seasons the animals the plants. the shaman spends a lot of time and deep listening to the rains, to the Thunder beings, the trees and she is really cultivating a relationship with all of Earth’s creatures the cosmology of the shamanic culture also heavily speaks to the four directions, the cycles of nature, and the elemental forces, air, earth, fire, and water. 

Finally a shaman is in right relationship with the spirit world. anyone can have an altered realm experience, a journey experience. this is part of the human experience. however to be able to interpret those experiences and those journeys and in an appropriate and accurate way we need to be in relationship with ourselves others, and the earth first. 

Being in right relationship with the spirit world requires that we create relationships with our ancestors our guides and that we visit often working with the divination tool of the journey if you don’t know what a journey is, head to the link in the description and there’s a whole article about it. now you know what a shaman is and you know how the shamanic lifestyle can help you come into right relationship with yourself others the earth and the spirit world.


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