Know Australia Immigration Processing Time for Skilled Workers

Everyone wants to grab the best opportunities by working abroad as this is one of the steps to scale up the career graph. For jobs and work Australia seems to be trending due to a strong economy. This country is ranked in the 10th position for the highest global per capita income. 

The unemployment rate is as low as 5%, which is a positive indicator for job hunting people. Even the geographical conditions and standard of living are quite good.

So as people are eyeing on Australia for better career options, the immigration process of this island country is quite flexible. 

Let’s explore more about the Australia immigration process for skilled workers.

  • How many types of visa options available for skilled workers?
  • Visa subclass 189

This is a permanent residency visa, and the visa holder has the allowance for living and working in any Australian province with required skills. Any type of sponsorship or nomination is not required.

  • Visa subclass 190

This is also a PR visa through which eligible workers can work and live in any part of the country. Unlike visa subclass 189, this type of visa needs sponsorship or nomination.

  • Visa subclass 489

This type of visa is temporary and restricts the skilled worker to live and work in a specific zone of Australia.

  • How can you get a skilled worker visa?
  • Checking out the eligibility criteria

It is essential to check if you fit in for the visa under eligibility requirements. The very first factor is the age, character, and health of the applicant. The applicant must be under 45 years of age with sound health, according to the recent medical examination. Also, there should not be any criminal record against the applicant, and hence he needs to submit a police certificate.

The second factor can be the command on English and sufficient experience and skills for the job. As a piece of evidence, the applicant needs to go through the skills assessment and language proficiency tests like IELTS.

The last factor which should not be missed is your job category. It should be acknowledged by the Australian government as insufficiently resourced by their native citizens. You can ensure it by checking the list of Skilled Occupation List (for applicants of visa subclass 189) and Consolidated Sponsor Occupation List (for applicants of visa subclass 190). As this list is updated frequently, kindly check this before filling up the application form

  • Prepare all the documents.

The legal procedure of visa approval is dependant on the documents you can provide to prove the eligibility. So the idea of preparing the materials before filling up the application form is a good one. The following the list of documents which needs to be submitted along with the application:

  • The birth certificate
  • Evidence for enough financial funds like bank statements
  • Valid passport and driving license
  • All the educational documents and certificates
  • A document stating work experience in detail
  • Employment contracts
  • Be ready for skills assessment.

To check your efficiency as an employee, the Australian government needs a shred of evidence. Hence, by qualifying this test, you can showcase your skills to the concerned authority. This assessment is dependent on the type of occupation, and related bodies are involved in the evaluation. Many professions are covered in Vocational Education Training Assessment Services so it will be great to check its official website. The assessment is paid, and you have to pay the fee for it

  • Filing and submitting the application

After thoroughly checking each detail and preparing the documents, you can smoothly proceed for the next step to fill the application form. For a sponsored visa, you need the approval by the nominating state or territorial government. You can move for the application form, but it is not as easy as it sounds. To make things simple, consult professionals like Yash Global Consultants– the expert Australia immigration consultants. They can guide and help with at every step without making any mistakes.

  • What is the expected processing time for the application?

The processing times are directly dependant on the application and thus vary from person to person. There are a few circumstances which may result in delay, and these are mentioned below:

  • Your application form is incomplete, or you have not submitted the required documents.
  • You have not fulfilled additional requirements.
  • Delay in the verification of given documents
  • Policies of places available in the permanent migration program

Make sure to complete the process on time. You can check the processing times of the application online on the official page of that visa subclass.

If you want to study in Australia then you have to apply for an Australia student visa. Also, if you want to work in Australia, then contact Yash Global Consultants. They are professionals in providing immigration solutions with a 100% success rate.

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