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Is FUE The Better Hair Transplant Option?

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Do you want to get a hair transplant procedure? Are you confused between FUT and FUE? Why FUE is considered a better option? Hair loss is an issue that is found in both men and women. A hair transplant procedure is considered its solution because it has a high rate of success. Moreover, it is also the only solution that provides permanent results. So, a large number of people undergo this surgery.

A hair transplant procedure has two types that are FUE and FUT. An FUE hair transplant is considered the better out of the two options. In this article, why FUE is considered a better alternative will be discussed. So, if you want to know more than keep on reading.

What is the FUE hair transplant procedure? An FUE procedure is a surgical procedure performed by a hair transplant expert. This is used to treat the hair thinning issues of both men and women. In this procedure, each hair follicle is removed from the side of the scalp that has strong hairs then reinserted into the area of the scalp that needs a hair transplant.

Candidates for hair transplant procedure: The only people who are eligible for the surgery are those that are facing hair thinning issues. This surgery is not for those who are completely bald. Moreover, the people who have medical issues can’t undergo the surgery as well.

Cost of an FUE treatment: An FUE hair transplant cost in Pakistan starts from 80, 000 and goes up to 600,000. Finding a hair transplant clinic that specializes in FUE is very easy as there are many great clinics for FUE hair transplant in Lahore.

Reasons why Hair transplant is a better option:

  1. No visible scarring:  FUT hair transplant procedure leaves a visible scar but FUE is a newer method than FUT and uses a more advanced technique. Because of this technique, no visible scarring occurs. This is what makes this procedure a perfect one. Moreover, with this procedure, you can have any hairstyle you want without worrying about covering up your scarred area.
  2. Low chance of follicle damage: The FUE hair transplant procedure leaves a linear scar on the back of the head. It damages the hair follicles that could be used for hair transplants in the future. For FUE surgery, your surgeon will choose each follicle of hair individually. So, surrounding follicles remain undamaged. These follicles can be used in case the patient wants to have another surgery in the future. Moreover, only the best follicles are chosen which increases the chances of success. According to numerous studies, using the FUE method for hair transplant procedure gives greater results as compared to the FUT treatment with the same number of hairs.
  3. Non-invasive treatment: As mentioned above, the FUE treatment uses a very advanced technique. The non-invasive treatment means the surgery rarely affects the nerves. So, the side effects are also less than FUT. For instance, the numbness and pain in the scalp are common side effects of FUT hair transplant surgery. But people who undergo FUE don’t complain about these side effects.
  4. Natural-looking hairs: One of the biggest benefits of FUE is that the new hairs look completely natural. This is not possible with a FUT treatment as the new hair doesn’t look natural.
  5. Better Results: You will get greater results with an FUE than the FUT transplant with the same numbers of hair grafts. The hairs really age well. Moreover, the FUE hair transplant results are more promising and long-lasting than the FUT hair transplant procedure.
  6. Fast Recovery: After the FUT transplant procedure, it takes almost two weeks to recover. You will also have to make several trips to the doctor for the removal of stitches. While with the FUE procedure, the recovery time is much shorter. You can even go to work the next day. Moreover, you don’t have to visit your doctor several times after the surgery.

All of the above-mentioned reasons are why people prefer FUE surgery over FUT surgery. Just find a good doctor for the surgery. This is how you can get the maximum benefits of the hair transplant procedure.

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