Influencer Marketing Trends in 2020

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The influencer marketing industry is on the boom for the past few years because of helping the brands to generate gigantic revenues. With the rapidly evolving business market, brands must transform their strategies accordingly to stay ahead of the curve. Also, such trends can help marketers to take the most advantage out of them before they fade.

Today a lot of brands are flocking towards influencers to get engaged with their audience by marketing their brand. Companies are seeking to connect with a large audience by partnering with influencers to run campaigns on a large scale and increase their conversions.

To help marketers plan their marketing strategies, here is a list of influencer marketing trends to watch right now. Let’s get started:

  1. Increased Focus on Micro-Influencers 

Trustworthiness between influencers and their fan followings is the foundational factor of influencer marketing. Since micro-influencers are focused on a specific niche of audience, the chances of user engagement become 22 times more. Moreover, micro-influencers interact with their followers directly or personally, so their reliability level automatically increases. Micro-influencers may not necessarily contain a huge audience, but their impact is gigantic. By acquiring a large customer-base, they generate massive revenue at small costs. 

Cost-effectiveness is what makes the micro-influencers an ultimate choice for small businesses, with a limited budget.

  1. Video Content Will be on Surge

With the progression of 2020, video marketing is increasingly becoming an essential factor for influencer marketing. Today, several video production companies by Top firms are helping the brands to produce a compelling video that can deliver true results.

A research from Cisco has shown that videos can potentially drive 80% of overall internet traffic by 2021. Influencers are creating and sharing appealing videos to engage their audience using different strategies. Such strategies include producing how-to-videos, product reviews, and engaging live streams. Influencers use these strategies to talk about your brand with the help of other visually appealing things. Hence, influencer video marketing is an effective way to engage your users and allow your brand to shine.  

  1. Rising Data Expectations

A few years back, companies used to hire agencies to promote their brand without measuring the plans accurately. With the high costs, expectations for getting real-time results are also increased. 

In 2020, brands are not relying on only partnering with influencers, to connect with their audience. Instead, they are focusing on running a campaign that ensures communicating the brand’s message to the target audience properly at the right time. This strategy also helps in providing true to the companies.

  1. Instagram Influencers

An appealing photo-sharing platform, Instagram offers a convenient way for people to connect with the people sharing the same enthusiasm. It has become a major platform for influencers to grab the attention of consumers and to make an impact on their niche market. 

The influencers with high success rate are known to have a great Instagram presence. It has become one of the most effective strategies for influencers to target consumers on this social media platform. 

  1. Influencing the Small Groups Approach 

Companies used to follow the method of influencing the individual with a massive list of followers. With time, this method faded away and it was discovered that a group with a small and engaged fan following has the potential to generate better results. 

Targeting small groups nowadays helps to spread a word quickly in a social circle. So, this trend is on the rise nowadays for working effectively rather than paying influencers to accomplish the goals.

  1. Brands and Influencers Globalization 

In the current digital space, it has become convenient for the brands to approach their audience at any time and any place. Reaching out to a local influencer can create credibility for a business as it swells into the new market trajectory across the globe. Also, they can guide the brands the ways to place their products and services for a new target market in an unknown cultural space. 

  1. Relevancy of Long-form Content 

From writing Instagram posts captions to posting YouTube videos, long-form content has become more prevalent than ever before. Audiences are expecting a blunt and honest post that shows the genuineness of the author. It allows the followers to feel a reliable connection with influencers. 

  1. Relationships Between Brands and Influencers 

Brands are very concerned and cautious about the influencers they choose to work with. They are keen to develop a long-term relationship with then by spending time and money. 

This approach strengthens the trust between influencer and their audience. The same goes for brand and influencers, that eventually lead towards generating a high ROI.

Availing services of influencer for the longer time uncover their audience to your brand. When they see the association of their favorite influencer with your brand, then you automatically start getting the edge over your competitors. 

The brand starts building credibility by getting exposure through the dedicated audience of influencer. This way businesses can promote their brand in the most natural way. 

  1. Storytelling Approach Is on Front-Seat

Marketing brands through genuine and interesting stories is another great way of influencer marketing in 2020.  Although, storytelling is not a new concept but an evolved trend in influencer marketing. A few decades back, before the revolution of the internet, companies used to spread their brands by telling stories. In doing so, they used to take help with radio and TV ads, print media, and more. Today, getting the attention of busy customers is quite a challenging task than ever. But, a great video with a real story that exactly resonates with the customers’ needs helps to convince them to buy from that brand.

Get Ready to Make Money with Influencer Marketing 

Influencer marketing trends are evolving with no sign to coming slow. But one thing is certain that these trends are an ultimate way to drive a huge traffic and convert leads with the help of a loyal outside voice. 

The influencers always play a key role in helping brands to formulate effective marketing strategies. Hence, it is crucial for the companies to stay open-minded for test and analyzing the strategies that works most effectively and productively. 

The influencer market trends are the most effective tools for the businesses to enhance their business growth. Brands just need to implement the outlined influence marketing trends with the right execution to achieve their business goals. 

Good luck!


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