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Remove the stress of managing the availability of your team or just organizing their schedule. Whether you have 1 or 100+ employees, the Calendar will deliver an intuitive solution to a very frustrating problem. The best part is that you are getting this service and a 24/7 devoted customer support free of any charge. Don’t forget, iTimePlus is more just than the Team Calendar. We also provide free Shift scheduling and free Timesheet.

Since the stone age, People were constantly trying to improve their working tools and use their time more wisely so they can yield more significant and prominent results. For example, the Flintstones were using the latest technology of rocks and handmade tools to organize their work and run their daily life because that’s what was available:)

Fast forward to the digital world we live in today, and you’ll find it impossible to improve work efficiency without utilizing the right digital tools. Fortunately, there are hundreds of such tools to pick from. Unfortunately, you don’t have the time to sift through every one of them.

So which tool is the right one for your business?

The short answer is the tool that does what you need intuitively and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Case study:

To help you recognize our service (iTimePlus) as the right tool for your business, we have comprised a case study of the situations most of our clients find themselves in: One of our clients was in desperate need for a tool to organize and manage his help desk teams’ daily business operation. The tool needed had to offer the following solutions:

1. Ability to set team schedule (time off, vacation, holiday, sick, compressed hours, etc..) for 1 day or the whole year.

2. An overview of the daily schedule for the whole year or any part of the year.

3. An overview of the team availability for the day or part of the day to be able to distribute workload evenly.

4. Team ability to send leave request in once click.

5. The ability to view, approve, and decline leave requests by employees and managers.

6. Privacy options between team members and access restrictions based on user role.

7. Ability to communicate to your team with one click and send them emails or notifications upon login.

8. Ability to track time code for each team member such as overtime and credit hours.

9. Ability to trace and approve time codes.

10. Ability to print the team schedule anytime and anywhere.

11. Ability to access this tool from anywhere in the world.


As you can see in the case study, our client needed a vast amount of options within one tool and our Team Calendar in iTimePlus delivered just that.

Our Calendar is designed to be user-friendly, intuitive, and give a full overview of the tasks/availability of your team at any time.


You also have a quick overview of the employee’s Tasks/availability for the day to be able to distribute the workload



Users can send any type of request (Leave, vacation, etc..) based on task types.

Managers can view sent requests at a glance with the ability to approve or reject with one click.


What about privacy?

Our Calendar enables you to have privacy between team members and to restrict access based on user roles. As an admin, you can limit the team view of the Calendar to each user individually or at the team level.

The CALENDAR can do more!

The Calendar includes an effective time-tracking as well. You can track the total work time of your employees. It will notify you of any overtime and will automatically keep track of credits and other types of time codes as well. You no longer have to juggle between numerous calendars or sheets to track the time of your specific teams or your entire staff. The Calendar holds complete time records in one spot, neatly organized.


Send announcements 

With iTimePlus, you no longer have to send separate emails or reminders to each employee. You can use our Announcement option to send messages. The messages can be sent to a specific team/department or everyone in the company. The messages can be received as pop-up notifications once they login or via email or both.

In Summary, with the one-click request system where your employees/Teams can request a leave or future planned vacation, there is no more confusion regarding the availability of each person. We have also designed the Calendar in a way so you can approve or decline the leave requests with one-click. What makes our Calendar unique is the user interface and how the clear visual indicators of Tasks/availability, requests, approvals, or rejections, and comments can be easily interpreted with one glance. No more time wasted setting up and managing people’s schedules.

Who Can Benefit From iTimePlus?

Anyone who wants to eliminate the stress of managing the availability of his/her team or just organizing his/her schedule. Whether you have 1 or 100+ employees, the Calendar will deliver an intuitive solution to a very frustrating problem. The best part is that you are getting this service and a 24/7 devoted customer support free of any charge. Don’t forget, iTimePlus is more just than the Calendar. We also provide free Shift scheduling and free Timesheet.

How Much Will I Need To Pay?

iTimePlus is completely FREE of any cost. You get the Calendar, Timesheet, and Shift Scheduler entirely free with no strings attached.

Who Are Our Customers?

With its features, the iTimePlus is a service that can be used by all businesses with any number of employees. Our services can be used and are being used by the following industries:

  • Governmental organizations
  • Call centers and customer support
  • Education institutions
  • Retail services and shops
  • Restaurants and food delivery services
  • Healthcare
  • Logistics companies
  • Tech firms
  • Hospitality/entertainment companies

iTimePlus Is More Than a Calendar (3 in 1 Package)

With iTimePlus, you get more than just the Staff calendar. You also get the ability to Schedule Shifts with our Shift Scheduler and track hours based on projects/tasks with our free online Timesheet.

iTimePlus gives you 3 products that work seamlessly together into one package. It’s simple and intuitive interface with easy access from anywhere in the world makes it ideal for use by any company of any industry.


Now that you know more about what the Calendar in the iTimePlus can do for you, here is a little information about our free employee Timesheet and how it completes the life cycle of your daily business operation.


Our Timesheet free software has a simple, intuitive interface that will allow you to track hours worked based on projects, tasks, and teams. You can set up reminders and assign the timekeeper feature. As a reliable reporting engine, you get a quick summary and a detailed report on all your employees’ activities. You can also export files like Excel, PDF, CSV, and HTML for your payroll needs.


The Shift Scheduler is another part of iTimePlus which you can use completely free of charge. With its intuitive dashboard, shift managers can easily plan Daily, Weekly, or Monthly shifts for all employees or specific teams.


Our schedule maker offers real-time visual Gap calculations and Gap alerts with visual highlights and real-time validations against overlapping shifts. Managers can preview the team’s schedule for 2 days, 1 week, or 1 Month in 12 or 24 hrs format and limit preview to show only business hours by shrinking the team schedule.

No more guessing on which hrs are not covered by my teams or how many resources I need to cover certain shifts.

We offer continual support

iTimePlus by Orapex is continuously updated with features based on our clients’ needs and requirements. So, you get to enjoy the simplicity of our Calendar, shift scheduling, timesheet, and free updates. The only thing you need is a web browser to access the service. NO additional software or any expensive equipment is necessary.

Orapex, the company behind iTimePlus, prides itself on having highly skilled team-oriented people who continuously improving their knowledge to serve your business. If you have any questions regarding iTimePlus or our consulting services please feel free to contact us – We have a dedicated 24/7 customer service that will assist you promptly.


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