How to Write a Perfect Essay – A Complete Visual Guide

How to Write a Perfect Essay MyAssignment
How to Write a Perfect Essay MyAssignment

Writing a perfectly flawless essay might be challenging at times. From coming up with unique thesis statements to adding relevant references to the body paragraphs and concluding the paper with key takeaways; it’s a lot of work.

So, let’s take a look at the key pointers that will help you through the academic exercise like a pro.

Structural Components


  • Title of the essay
  1. Make the essay title unique and appealing.
  2. Use power words and phrases such as “Life-changing”, “Irresistible”, “Forbidden”, “Mind-blowing”, right from the very beginning.      
  • Thesis Statement
  1. Come up with a unique thesis statement that shall offer a summary of the primary points and claims of the essay.
  2. Make sure your thesis statement should be short, crisp and objective at the same time.
  • Introduction
  1. Introduce the topic with shocking stats, alarming figures or reports related to the topic. It must grab your readers’ attention.
  2. Focus on talking about the rational scenario related to the topic and move on to the aspect of how it is related to the essay topic or the problems you will be discussing further.
  • Main Body
  1. This segment must include the evidence and every other supporting idea related to the primary topic of discussion.
  2. You should also consider adding relevant references and cite case study instances in support of the idea projected or the notion you want your readers to buy.
  • Conclusion
  1. The concluding part of the essay must include all essential points from the thesis, introduction and main body paragraphs.
  2. Remember, you should add up key takeaways, thought-provoking slants and further research avenues for your readers to explore.

7 Stages of Writing the Perfect Essay

Stage 1: Research and analysis

  1. Explore all verified research databases and accumulate relevant information on the primary subject of argument.
  2.  Also, determine the research type (empirical/non-empirical) at first. You need to go about the entire essay paper based on the research methodology you would follow.
  3. It is important for you to analyse the primary objective of the essay and monitor how abiding by a particular research avenue would help you meet your end goal.

Stage 2: Outlining the essay

  1. Once you are done with the research, create an outline and include all major points of research and analysis, you would include in the paper.
  2. It should be listed in an unformed manner; starting with the inclusion of the essay title at first, followed by a thesis statement, introduction, body and conclusion.

Stage 3: Statement of Thesis

  1. Write your thesis based on research, and highlight the research avenue you would embrace while preparing the final draft of the essay.
  2. Avoid coming up with common slants to place your thesis.
  3. Be creative, focus on the primary ideas, add real-life instances as examples and connect them accordingly with your readers’ sentiment.

Stage 4: Drafting the main body

  1. Consider drafting the main body at first. Include all research findings, establish your perspectives and back up all arguments accordingly.
  2. If you add references, then make it a point to acknowledge them according to the preferred referencing and citation styles.

Stage 5: Moving on to introduction

  1. Now move on to the introductory segment. It becomes much easier to state your purpose of writing once you know what has already been talked about in the body paragraphs.
  2. Make sure to introduce the essay in such a way so that it connects to the concluding note seamlessly.

Stage 6: Concluding the paper

  1. Now, wrap up the essay by including all connecting sentences from the introduction and body paragraphs.
  2. Also, leave a few takeaway points for your readers to dig.

Stage 7: Proofreading and editing

  1. Read the essay thoroughly. Check for grammatical, syntactical and contextual errors in the copy.
  2. Keep a proofreading manual within your reach to streamline the process.



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