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How to use food processor machine

Though it is convenient, eating out or ordering food from restaurants is expensive. Also the food may not be healthy or tasty, especially for individuals with health problems. So many people prefer to cook their food at home. For most food dishes, a large number of ingredients are required, and these items have to be cut or mixed together. Earlier, mechanical kitchen tools were used and the process was tedious and time consuming. With advances in technology, a large number of appliances like food processors are available. Many women who have not used a food processor earlier would like to find out how to use a food processor machine.


There are a wide variety of food processor machines available from different brands. The food processor will usually vary in price depending on the number of attachments it has. Each attachment is usually associated with a function. The blender is used for mixing the different liquids together. The chopper is chopping the different vegetables and fruits together. The dough tool will help in making dough quickly using flour. The knife blade is cutting the larger vegetables and other items. Dual whisk is mixing the ingredients for baking and other items so that they are blended properly.


Another consideration while using the food processor is the capacity of the various parts. The food processor has several vessels which are used for the different functions. Depending on the quantity of food which is being prepared, the right quantity of ingredients should be used. The capacity of a vessel is measured in liters though in some cases, the quantity is also specified in kg. The motor provided in the food processor is also linked to the capacity, if the food processor is overloaded, it may get overheated or the food will start spilling out of the vessel.


Depending on the recipe for the food item being prepared, the different ingredients should be collected in the right proportion. In some cases, the items may have to be weighed. The items are then put in the vessel of the food processor. The setting of the food processor is then changed to the function which is being used. After this the food processor is then started. Usually the food ingredients are processed within a few minutes for almost all the functions which are available. The vessel in the food processor should then be emptied into the vessel used for cooking.


After the vessel and attachments are used, it is advisable to wash them properly. The process of washing the attachment can be difficult, since some of the parts are not easily accessed. It is usually easier to wash the attachment vessel immediately after usage, since the food ingredients have not hardened. When not in use the food processor and the parts should be properly covered and stored to prevent accumulation of dust and dirt. It is also advisable to read the user manual for the food processor provided carefully, and ensure that the instructions for use provided are followed.

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